How to keep your home office as beautiful as the rest of your home

Many people have beautiful dream homes, yet the office is the first room in the house where a regular cleaning routine falls by the wayside. It’s also the place where things get dumped out of the way. A cluttered home office not only ruins the style of your home, it affects productivity too.

An organised and clean office is much more likely to lead to a productive working week. I put my head in my hands when I hear people say they work better in their so-called organised chaos. It’s simply not true. Research at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute concluded that a cluttered working environment restricts the ability to focus and limits the brain’s ability to process information. Cleanliness really is important for productivity.


We’ve put together some useful tips to help you keep your home office as beautiful as the rest of your home. Missing out on working in the office, and their hassle-free commercial cleaning contractors doesn’t mean you have to work from a pit of filth. Oh no. With a beautiful, clean and clutter-free space to work in, your improved productivity and efficiency will add to your reputation, and your office will blend perfectly with the rest of your home.

Set a time to clean (or employ a cleaner)

Set a regular time each week to give your desk a clean. Don’t put off the task of cleaning. It’s important for the productivity of your week. Dust filing cabinets and shelving. Remove everything from your desk and clean your desk with a damp cloth or cleaning wipe, removing any smudges. Use computer wipes to clean your monitors or laptop screens. Replace necessary items back on your desk and put other bits away. Empty rubbish bins and hoover.

If you really can’t manage the cleaning routine, employ a cleaner.

Avoid eating in your home office

You have the luxury of being at home while you are working. Don’t waste it. Take regular breaks from sitting at your desk. It’s a good habit to get into for your posture and it gives your eyes a break from the screen. Keep food away from your desk. It only creates crumbs and mess.

Have a wastepaper bin (within reach)

Keep rubbish off of your desk. Put waste straight in the bin. And be sure to empty your waste before it starts spilling out. If you have a shredder, shred unwanted documents as you go. Don’t let things pile up.

Organise your desk and your desktop

Having a clutter-free desk and computer desktop doesn’t have to be over clinical. Bring back the in-tray. You do actually need somewhere for incoming work to go. It’s a much better option than having piles of paper on the desk.

Organise your computer desktop too. Use folders. If you cannot see your background, you have too much on your desktop. Check through your downloaded files and delete any you no longer need. Keep your emails organised. Empty your deleted email folder, get rid of junk and only save items that you need to use again.

Minimise incoming paper

Paperwork can easily build up. We kid ourselves that we’re organised with neat piles, but a neat pile of papers definitely doesn’t count as organisation. For necessary paperwork that isn’t finished with and can’t be replaced by a digital version, create a pending box file you can keep on a shelf close to your desk for easy access.

Sign up for email newsletters instead of snail mail. Deal with post immediately. The next catalogue, newsletter, or statement that arrives in the post, contact the sender straight away and switch to a paperless option. It’s much easier to manage by email. One click and it’s gone.


Let go

Don’t hoard things you don’t need. Get rid of them. If in doubt, throw it out. It’s not necessarily an easy process. In fact research carried out at the Yale School of Medicine suggests that hoarders find it painful to let go of clutter. Try some mindfulness meditations to deal with any anxiety about letting go. Decluttering your mind can have a powerful impact on how you operate in your physical environment.

If you are hanging on to dead batteries to remind you of the type, take a pic of it on your phone and get the dead battery into the recycling.

Have a system for archiving, so you only keep paperwork you actually need. Put them in files on the easiest to reach shelf. When a file gets full, archive some to another file so you always have the latest papers to hand. Dispose/shred any obsolete stuff.

The daily tidy up

A quick tidy up at the end of the day means you know exactly where you are with your work. And it’s much easier to start the next day with a clear desk. Set aside 5 minutes at the end of each day to clear down your desk and put all paperwork back in its place (even if you do need to get it out again the next day).

Beautiful furnishings

Don’t skimp when it comes to the office. A good ergonomic chair and workstation not only looks great, it will help to prevent back problems and other aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk for long hours.

You don’t have to put up with traditional ugly metal filing cabinets. There are so many other options when it comes to beautiful storage. Built in shelves will keep all of your files, manuals and work books in order and they’ll be easy to reach. A bespoke creation can be tailored to suit your needs. Give your office as much attention as the rest of your home.

Get focused with our easy-to-implement tips for a clean and clutter-free home office. And with stylish furnishings and décor, you’ll be able to enjoy your work environment as much as the rest of your dream home.

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