How to cut back for that dream holiday this year

Now that Christmas is over, I think everyone is ready for the cold weather to move on and for sunny Spring to come around. We’re all dreaming of warmer climates, so it’s no surprise that you’ve probably started thinking about your family holiday this year. I like to treat my little family as much as possible, and I’ll definitely be booking something for us in January when the best deals are around.

However, it still means saving the pennies elsewhere is a must, as we’ll need to pick up some holiday essentials as well as spending money and so on. If you’re wondering how you can cut back in simple ways to make paying for your holiday that little bit easier, here are a few handy tips to kick-start your frugal New Year.


Find free ways to have fun

Although it might be tempting to splash the cash on theme parks or seaside resorts, if you want that dream holiday then this is the ideal way to cut your spending. The reason you go on these little jaunts is to spend quality time together, so why not have fun making a packed lunch, baking treats together to take with you, and going to either local fairs and festivals or a close national park that has free or inexpensive entry?

You can still be stylish on a budget

There are a few ways that you can look a million dollars without spending it when it comes to fashion. You could upcycle old and tired outfits by adding beading, sequins or embroidery of your own, giving them a new lease of life. Hunt for out-of-season bargains in the sales, and don’t discount charity shops. If you visit one in an affluent area of town, you’re more likely to come across designer labels at rock bottom prices.

Higher quantities, lower prices

Whether it’s spotting deals on every-day items in supermarkets and filling up your trolley, or shopping at wholesale stores and via their websites instead, you’d be amazed at how much money you can save by buying in bulk. Although it seems like a large upfront sum, over time it will save you having to constantly replace things for a higher rate. For example, when I’m running low on printer paper and ink, I always buy my toner from because I know I’ll get better value rates, as well as regular discounts.

Re-think your bills

Ways to make more regular cuts to your spending focus on what bills you pay each month. How about cancelling that expensive gym membership you barely use, and opting for a pay-as-you-gym deal if you’re having a health kick? If you can find better deals on your utility providers, don’t be afraid of calling up to ask why you should stay with them – they will often offer you a loyalty discount.

You can check out some more money-saving tips right here, but don’t be shy – leave me a comment with a few of your own!

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  1. Good points! At the same time, rethink your travel plans. Going off-season can cost so much less. Having your main meal (or splurge) at lunch can cost about half what it would at dinner. The point is to get the best experience possible –during your trip but also before and after it.