Adore Me offices in Bucharest

The first time I’ve heard of Adore Me was about 4 years ago, when they were starting out and my best childhood friend got a job there. I thought it was quite cool, at 22 having a job for a US company working from home. Plus, lingerie, ok?

Fast forward to today, they have a huge office location with about 60 people working in a beautiful renovated old Bucharest house. We do have some exquisite old houses here.

Well, I’ve later found out the company is half RO / half US and has a team based here and another in New York.

The design? It’s modern, lush, with Scandinavian accents and lingerie inspiration, hence the illustrations. Besides the office spaces and showroom area, they have a large common area with games and other activities, a fully equipped kitchen ( the light wasn’t so good there ) and another small one. Another thing that I found awesome, which has no connection with decor, but I think it’s awesome, is that every Friday they all have lunch together and on Wednesday breakfast, provided by the company.  We went there on a Friday and got to have lunch with everybody, ha!












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  1. I am impressed and surprised in a good way. I am originally from Romania and I can say that the environment for places to work is not everywhere like this. this looks so nice and the brand very attractive. I would love one day to work with them.