Floating furniture – the dreamy trick to make a small space bigger

If you live in a small home or apartment you have to make your space seem bigger. There are a lot of great trick to do that, but when talking about furniture the best trick is to get it off the floor and in the air. Yes, we are talking about floating furniture, the dreamiest and easiest trick to make a small space look bigger. So, here are 5 examples of floating furniture that you can use in your home.


1. Tables

Place your table in the air and in the wall to save space in your kitchen or dining room. Besides this great advantage, a room with a floating table will look really modern. For this kind of arrangement choose a wooden table that’s both classy and stylish.



2. The desk

For your bedroom or study room pick a cool floating desk. It’s great for a small room and it’s enough to fit your computer and study essentials. You can add a lamp on top of it and also place a lot of cool photos and frames around it.


floating-desk-23. Cabinets

For storage, the floating cabinets are the best idea. Whether we are talking about your bedroom or living room, this kind of arrangement will save a lot of space and will fit all your small deco items.




4. Top shelves

You don’t need a lot of types of furniture to fit all your decorative objects. Just pick small shelves and add them around any room. They save a lot of space, they are very easy to clean and also they look just lovely. Also, you will get more creative when decorating and you can change their look each time you have a new idea!



5. The Nightstand

This kind of floating nightstand is simply dreamy! You can make it out of a wood that’s tight up like a small cradle. Place it next your bed and fill it with just a few light essentials. Sweet dreams!


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So, tell us, which one is your favorite?

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