These 8 dreamy bedrooms will make you think they are from a fairytale

I’m sleepy and thinking of a gorgeous bedroom. Suddenly all my favorite fairytales come to mind and I start the search for the perfect bedroom that makes you dream and picture ”la vie en rose”. The dream can come true for your bedroom and you also can live in the fairytale you wish for. To convince you more about this fact, I gathered eight fairytale bedrooms, that will make feel like your favorite fantasy character:


1. The little tree house

This bedroom makes me think of the lovely house that ”Sleeping beauty” lived in. Is a cute country house room with a fairy tale bed that will make you think you are a princess. I love the walls and ceiling pictures that make you think you are outside and that are also great touch for all the people who love the nature.


2. Peter Pan wish

”Never grow up” was the motto we learned from ”Peter Pan” and this magical room will make you feel like a child again. The lights bring mystery into the place, the dream catcher is for every dreamer out there and the prints make this room really happy and optimistic.


3. Starry dream

If you love stars, wish upon one and add a galaxy full of stars on top of your dreamy bed. The whole room will look like a fairy tale and you will love to sit and dream about your plans. Also, pick a gorgeous canopy that will make you feel like a queen.



4. Shabby scenario

The shabby furniture is perfect for a bedroom that looks just like a fairy tale. The white details go great with a floral wall that will give the interior a nature vibe. Beautiful, right?


5. Into the woods

This bedrooms feels like you’re living in the nature. The canopy bed is simply gorgeous and the embroidery of the pillows and covers give the whole room a fairy tale vibe. Isn’t it just lovely?


6. Pink love

This is a great bedroom for all the pink lovers. It makes you think of the cute story with a princess and it’s also the kind of room for a girly girl. I love the curtains and the bed. The whole interior is pretty simple, but also really stylish!


7. Fly high!

If you love Japanese stories, this bedroom is just perfect for you. The wallpaper makes you think about their culture and also the simple bed gives a great contrast with the story of the wall. Simple, chic and even prettier if decorated with fresh exotic flowers.


8. Sweat dreams!

This bedroom will make you feel like you’re a princess living in a gorgeous castle. The chandelier can be the key element of a room like this and also the fun pillows that accessorize the bed. Pick also shabby furniture and serve your breakfast on a tray like a real princess would.


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