5 Tips for Making Your Garage More Stylish & Functional

You don’t have to wait for spring to clean out your garage and make it more than just a storage space. As you declutter and donate items collecting dust, there are several stylish and functional additions you can bring in. Take advantage of these tips to transform your garage to make it more than presentable to guests and more useful to you for storage.

5 Tips for Making Your Garage More Stylish & Functional

Know What Can Be Donated & Where

First, remove everything from the garage and take an inventory of items. Group similar things together such as cleaning or repair supplies. A simple spreadsheet will suffice. That way you can go back and reference later if you are trying to remember if an item is in the garage versus elsewhere.

It’s ok to keep mementos, but anything else you don’t foresee using over the next year can go. Some things will just have to be tossed, but you can donate or recycle most small items. If you’ve been storing an older vehicle or boat you no longer ever use, there are charities equipped to handle those special items, while also providing you with a sizeable tax deduction.

It’s much easier to see what parts of your garage you can block out for certain activities and where you can add stylish touches when it’s an empty canvas. Sketch a basic floor plan and layout larger objects like the place for tools. You can even zone some areas of the garage as designated storage for kids, hobbies, or for tasks like landscape care.

Zoning items out this way can also help with avoiding misplacing things. If you have a garage loft or attic, place Christmas decorations and larger less-used items there to create additional garage space for what you’ll need continual access to. You can also junk your old car for extra cash and free up room in your garage.

Also take note of things you wish to keep in the garage but use inside your home. Then keep them closer to the door connecting to the rest of the home. You can also place coats and muddy shoes here with racks for each. It’s certainly a more pleasant experience than tripping on shoes walking through the living room.

Display the Tools at Your Disposal

Give your cars a little extra space for parking and get stuff off the floor. Make use of vertical space by using pegboards instead of clunky tool boxes. All the tools can go up. Even hang paint brushes bristle down for proper drying on magnetic knife strips.

Other items ideal for vertical hanging:

  • ladders
  • outdoor chairs
  • hoses

Smaller containers in complimentary colors can also be attached to walls to hold nuts, bolts, and more. Displaying items like surf or snowboards can also serve as wall art with their vibrant colors.

Make It Easier to Clean

Keep cleaning materials for both the home and garage readily available and stored near the garage work space. Attach paper towel holders and trash bins for periodic cleanings to garage work spaces. Or add racks to hold cleaning products and bulk items like toilet paper and paper towels.

Once you have a shelving material, finish color, and interior style in mind, there’s plenty of shelving options to choose from. Use a mix of open shelving for items used daily and closed storage drawers for smaller and less frequently used objects to avoid visual clutter.

Make It Clear Where Everything Belongs

Label as much as possible, so everyone in your family can easily find anything stored in the garage. Take the guessing game out of looking through drawers for smaller items. Shop around for pre-designed labels or design your own template, keeping in mind the dominant colors within your garage, or simply use adhesive letters.

Lighten Up the Garage

For band practice, arts and crafts, and woodshedding, extra lighting helps make it easier to focus in traditionally darker areas like the garage. Add a task lamp with an adjustable arm or track lighting for complex projects done while seated.

Motion sensing or programmable lights also make it easier to get in and out of the garage. Translucent blinds for any windows and a shade of white walls can provide more light into the garage. Bolder wall colors can add architectural interest.

The garage is often the most forgotten area of one’s house for organizing, but it represents an excellent storage area for a multitude of items, so it pays to keep it as clean as possible.

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