5 clever and stylish ways to light up your bathroom

Lighting can make all the difference to the bathroom in your home. That’s why it is so important to think about how the room is used when you choose light fittings. A large family bathroom might benefit from a bright, clear light for everyday use by both adults and children. Softer lighting may be a good choice for evening relaxation, perhaps in a luxury en suite.

Does your bathroom feature a single ceiling light that does its job without much warmth or imagination? Whether you want to turn the light up or down, it’s time to say goodbye to boring bathroom lighting with these 5 clever and stylish ideas to give your home the wow factor it deserves.

Recessed Downlighters

Ideal for all types of bathrooms (and kitchens, for that matter), recessed downlighters are a supremely functional, versatile and contemporary style of lighting. They take up next to no space and can be really useful for adding ambience to the room. Recessed lights can be placed close together to add brightness without seeming overly harsh or clinical, or they can be directed to focus at a particular area, such as a decorative feature mirror. You can also use build them into bathroom shelving or use them under cabinets.



If you want to add a touch of opulence to your oasis, a chandelier is a fantastic way to do it. The light fitting can hold several light bulbs to provide ample ambient lighting to all corners of your bathroom. You don’t have to go over the top and buy a huge one (unless, of course, you want to!) – there’s a wide selection of designs available and they come in all shapes and sizes. A simple yet elegant model can make just the right statement regardless of its size. Shop around for the right style for your bathroom and add great general lighting and a large injection of glamour.


Illuminated Mirrors

No longer just the prerogative of 5-star hotels and luxury Hollywood boudoirs, illuminated mirrors are now a popular addition to many bathroom restyle projects. Used as a secondary light source, they can add a soft ambience to the room as an alternative to brighter ambient lighting. A practical and stylish way to add more light close to where you need it – be it for shaving or applying make-up – illuminated mirrors are available in many traditional and modern LED designs. You can even find battery-operated models that require no wiring.


Bath and Shower Lighting

Who says lighting has to stay on the outside of your bathing enjoyment? Having spotlights fitted to the inside of your bath or shower can totally transform the experience and create a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. Just imagine reclining in the bathtub in the softest of illuminations (they’re safer than candles!), perhaps with soothing music playing in the background. Or how about enjoying a reinvigorating shower under your multi-colour changing LED rain shower head? Clever lighting options are now widely available that can turn an ordinary bathroom into a multisensory sanctuary.


LED Floor Lights

Combining romance with uber-contemporary style, floor lights are a unique and exciting way to use lighting in your bathroom. Choose white, coloured or colour-changing LED bulbs and fit them around the bottom of the bathtub or sunk into steps to make a real impact.

Finally, an important word on lighting safety. There are very strict regulations in place to determine which light fittings can be used in a bathroom environment. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating shows the amount that a bathroom light is protected from steam or water penetrating the light fitting; every light fitting has an IP fitting to state its level of water resistance. An IP44 rating or above is the minimum requirement for bathrooms, but depending on where in the bathroom the light is to be used, a higher IP rating may be needed. The highest requirement is for inside the bath/shower (Zone 0) where all light fittings must be low voltage (max 12v) and be rated at least IP67.


Mike James, an independent content writer living in Sussex – working together with The Brighton Bathroom Company.

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