8 Ingenious ways to style a sideboard

To make your living room even dreamier, you have to have a perfectly styled sideboard. Choose one according to the style of your home: an elegant one for a classy one, a modern one for an industrial space, a white one for a Scandinavian home and star decorating it with gorgeous items. Here are eight styling examples to help you out:

cover side board
1. Neutral

This is the perfect styling example of a sideboard in a minimal home. Pick black and white motivational quote to add on top of it and make this the main item of the sideboard. Add next to it bottles, candles and other pretty neutral objects.

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2. Rustic

To give a rustic vibe to a classic sideboard just pick an Ethno carpet to go with it. Add also plants, art albums and a beautiful or abstract picture of nature.

rustic side board

3. Industrial 

If you want a more industrial or eclectic sideboard styling, pick copper and wooden deco elements. Start by picking a cool lamp and some copper vases and add nature inspired elements such as these branches to go with the wooden items.

industrial sidebord deco

4. Artsy

On a neutral sideboard add only white deco objects. The contrast will look absolutely amazing and will give an artsy vibe to the whole interior. Moreover, add a beautiful painting that will be the main focus of this creative corner.

artsy sideboard

5. Pop of color

A colorful painting will bring a lot of style to this a classic and old sideboard. Next to it, add other art inspired objects such as art albums and cool items such as a lamp, a vase with fresh flowers or some bowls. The whole ensemble will simply amazing!

classy and colorful sideboard

6. All white

For all white lovers, this minimal sideboard is perfect. Style it with a cute white poster, an incredible art object and some classy items such as a pair of candlesticks. Don’t forget to add some plants to the whole mix, they will look fresh and perfect in this kind of space.

all white sideboard look

7. Exotic

If you love nature, this exotic styling if perfect for you! Add on top of your sideboard a colorful painting and lots of tropical plants. Don’t forget other cute deco objects that look like souvenirs from exotic countries.

side board style cover 2

8. Extravagant

Pick a colorful or printed sidebord to bring extravaganza into your living room. Add on top of it decoratif plants, cute bottles and crystal deco obects for a luxurious vibe.

extravagant sideboard

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