5 Dreamy party arrangements ideas

Preparing for a party? We have some dreamy ideas that are really easy to put together and also some cool shopping suggestions. So here they are, and we hope your party will turn out just great!

1. Exotic pink
I love this party arrangement. It’s perfect for a birthday, a baby shower or a small wedding. The decor is very girly and easy to make. You need some pink balloons and other pink deco object, exotic plants and dreamy candles.

exotic and pink party arrangement

2. Shabby look
If you are a fan of the shabby decor trend you will love to have this theme to a party. Pick a lot of cages and fill them with fresh flowers. Pick also a lot of vintage inspired deco elements and a table made of wood. The whole arrangement will look like a fairy tale!

shabby party arrangements

3. The fairy tale
This is the perfect idea for a party to remember, but also for a winter themed party because of the cozy fur blankets. I love the plants that hang around the whole table, the pastel chromatic and every dreamy detail. Think of every tale that you know and start planning a wonderland party!

dreamy party arrangement


4. Home garden
Who says you can’t have a garden in your own home? With this dreamy indoor arrangement full of beautiful plants, your whole apartment will look like a lovely garden. Decorate your ceiling with lights and green plants and pick a wooden table set. Choose minimal plates, candles and fresh flowers for a dreamy set up.
home garden party ideas arrangement

5. Romantic mood
If you are a romantic, you will love this mysterious table arrangement. Pick fancy candlesticks, red elements and a lot of roses. Also, choose velvet furniture and a lot of different crystal glasses, in elegant shapes.

For more ideas check out this article on dinner dinner party decorations by Top Dreamer.

romantic party arrangement


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  1. I love the hanging plants. We tried to do something like that for my daughter’s birthday party. It didn’t turn out as beautiful as those. Very inspiring !