When DDD went to the Kika Sleepover + VIDEO

Super excited about this post because this is our first video, iaai! Milestone, iaai! More to come, iaai.

Excitement over, now let me tell you a bit about a dreamy night spent at Kika. If you are reading from ro, you know about Kika. If not, Kika is a furniture and decor store here, a big one for that matter and they organized a sleepover for us to test their awesome mattresses.

Before the mattresses, I want to point out the Kika is full of dreamy wonders. From gorgeous chairs and sofas to dreamy tablewares and deco pieces. It was my first time there even though I posted about them before. Their showcase photos are fab.

Like, I said Kika wanted us to try their mattresses because they added 40 new models to their range. Yeah, 40! I know, lots of mattresses.

I didn’t know much about the subject before the event but I learned tips on how to choose the perfect mattress.

Kika suggests 4 simple steps. First, consider the size of the mattress you want. Then, depending on the comfort and the hardness of it, you can choose either a soft one,  medium or one with a high level of hardness. Third, you must think about the type of desired mattress: with springs, with individually wrapped springs or memory foam one. Lastly, the available budget, of course. Thus, based on the above,   Kika you can choose your favorite category: Sleepmasters Plus, Sleepmasters, Optimal or Economy.

Now a fun thingy for that evening and I’ll let you enjoy the pics & video ( you have to watch the video ). We played truth or dare mattress related and I picked truth. So I had to name my mattress, her name is Margaret Winter Wind ( Margareta Crivatu’ )  and I’m pretty sure she’s a medium hard memory foam.







That chair though.. I was wearing my Snoopy pajama tee.
…and mattress testing, ha!


Aaaaand the video 🙂

Video & photos: The Rawscientist for DailyDreamDecor 🙂

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