5 dreamy ideas for your nightstand

It’s almost bed time and you need to have the perfect nightstand arrangement. I gathered five ideas on how to arrange the small space next to your bed. Sweet dreams!


Fancy night

For a classy and elegant nightstand pick black furniture and vintage inspired elements. An old looking table clock can be the center piece of this space, and also you can add your must-read books, newspapers and fresh flowers.

or a more modern approach with a black nightstand


The girly space

For a feminine nightstand you would love the white shelves and the pretty pink deco. Choose crystal bottles as small deco objects, a nice inspiring painting and even an art object in white such as this lovely statue. Your hobby books will go very well on this arrangements as well as cute beauty products like perfumes.

Dreamy ideas for your night stand

The adventurer

Dreaming about a Jules Verne journey? Then arrange your nightstand as a dreamy nature corner filled with big plants, a wooden table and deco object in such colors as brown and green. The whole setting will be very relaxing!


Easy steps

Instead of a regular table as your nightstand you can pick a small stair. Not only it stylish and creative but it’s also more spacious than a normal table. For the bottom shelf choose magazines and books, and for the upper level you can pick plants or flowers to make you whole room fresher. For the last shelf choose your daily essentials such as a mug full of chocolate, a pretty candle, beauty products and your reading kit.


5. The dreamer

This crafted nightstand it’s actually really easy to make. It’s playful and will remind you of your childhood years. You have to make a tray out of wood and after that hang it from the ceiling. To make it more girly, paint it in a bold color such as red or draw some flowers on it. As the object you pick to fill it, choose light object such as a great book a metallic mug and a pair of glasses.


Now that I’ve showed you my fav ideas for a nightstand let’s shop to find the perfect deco objects to fill it.


source: cover / 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ some images are shoppable 🙂

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  1. I would love to arrange a combination of the steps and the dreamer stands – can’t wait to experiment!
    Sophie x