10 pink spaces that you will fall in love with

As pink is back in fashion, also in the decor world, this color is bigger than ever. So, from a living room, to a bathroom and even a terrace I’ve picked 10 pink dreamy ideas on how to integrate this color into your living space.



I love the structure of this apartment, it’s very chic. Also, the pink details like the furry rug, the pillow, the table and the armchair go perfectly with the whole white space. It’s really a dreamy bedroom!



Living like kings, queens and princesses is a thing a lot of us want. This pink velvet bed along with the great golden accessories represent the ideal setting of living as a true royalty. Fancy right?


3.For the love of Louboutin!

How else can you make a room pink, if not with pair of chic pink Louboutins. Moreover, this living room is very feminine and stylish, has a lot of floral elements and makes you dream about fashion all the time.



This is really simple way on how you can make your living room pink and pretty. Choose a few minimalistic objects of furniture in a soft pink shade and pair them with grey and white elements. In this way your living space will look really cool and effortless.


5.Dream big!

For your kitchen choose a pink table as the centerpiece of the room. Also the golden elements, such as a creative lamp or small deco object for the table go really well with this color.

10 pink spaces that you will fall in love with

6.The quotes room

When you choose pink for your kitchen you can pair it very well with the black & white combo. I love the writing on the wall with dreamy quotes, the pink chairs and each pink detail that fills the room.


7.Relaxation time

This looks like a dream bathroom. It’s so relaxing, pretty and romantic that you will want to take a bath for hours and hours. Also, I love the pink flowers that surround the room.


8.Rose bubble bath

The pink mosaic and the rose tulips are great ideas for a dream bathroom.  This room has also a lot of pink deco objects that catch your eye and a great sink in a shape of a shell.


9.Oriental style

If you want to decorate your terrace in an Oriental style, pink is very good color for that. Choose oriental printed objects in this beautiful shade, a traditional rug, a paper lamp, and make your furniture out of wood.


10.Summer dream

I think soft pink it’s a pretty relaxing color so it’s ideal for an outdoor terrace. Choose comfortable furniture in this popular color and pair it with other pastel deco objects.

Parisian pink doors

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