10 dreamy bedrooms that will set a romantic mood

How can we translate romance in terms of decor and bedrooms? I will say you can either think of a space filled with girly red, white and rose items, or choose a dark place that will make the whole room look more mysterious. So, as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I prepared you ten ideas for a romantic and dreamy bedroom.

1. The handcrafted room
I adore everything about this room. The original bed made out of wooden pallets, the paintings laid down on the floor, the original deco objects and also the ideal lightning of the room.

2.White accents
The white canopy bed is the main attraction of this spacious room. The whole bedroom gives you a serenity vibe, but also makes you dream about a romantic day with your loved one.
White accents

3.Dream on!
Talking about mystery, here is an elegant bedroom with big windows and dark colors that can easily set a romantic mood. Choose neutral furniture, big wall paintings, and a fancy rug and use just classy lamp to illuminate the room.

4.,,Love you forever’’
The quotes items such as painting, sheets or other deco object are great for your bedroom, and the love texts are pretty romantic, of course. As for for your bed, choose velvet for a fancy touch.


5.The boho setting
Pretty lights, a cool print for the sheets and a canopy bed is all you need for a boho inspired bedroom. It’s so romantic and dreamy, you will want to spend all day in bed!

6. Retro vibe
This is a girly bedroom with a lot of Victorian elements. The metallic bed and the puffy lamp are two great deco objects which give a lot of personality to the room.

7. Creativity is in order
This is a very original bedroom, which I really love because of the wooden elements. The whole deco gives you an escapade in the wild nature, romantic right?
10 dreamy bedrooms that will set a romantic mood

8. It’s Spring again
This brilliant bedroom focuses on Japanese elements such as the famous cherry-tree that symbolize beauty, spring and purity, such as this dreamy room.

9. Orient inspirations
I think the oriental deco style is really romantic. All that warm colors, the mysterious objects and the traditional lamps and print give a great vibe to a bedroom.

10.Red, black&white
From the Orient, we go to China, for this romantic bedroom, filled with Chinese details. Also, the color palette and the lightning can set the mood for a fantastic evening.
red black and white bedroom

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