Dreamy small studio in Bucharest

Only 36,75 square meters, this dreamy small open space flat is just around the corner from where I live. Well, technically speaking, I’m on the other side of the park. I sense an Adele joke coming up.
This Bucharest studio is part of an apartment complex just right next to Tineretului Park, you can read more about it here
I kinda wanted to schedule a visit at some point, just to see the design, ha!
Why? Because the apartments are designed by ro interior designers with mainly Romanian pieces.
This one is by Elis Popescu and she envisioned an urban bright space & ludic details for an active young couple. You gotta see that swing in the living area.
Wait until you hear the decorating budged, no more than 6,600 euros. This budget includes all furniture, light fixtures, decoration finishes, accessories, labor costs, materials and appliances.  
Keep in mind that there are more than twenty designer pieces throughout the space… Cool, right?
My fav area is the kitchen, love the light fixtures and those little stools.

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