Today I’m loving, yoga, pilates & pizza

  • that beautifully still concrete space… looks undone but there’s a relaxing vibe to it… don’t you think so? – by buchner bruendler 
  • that lovely and kinda inspirational quote, for a person who has a short fuse like I do.. ” I am peace in the presence of stressful triggers” by Lole ambassador, Janick Leonard… and I had to search a bit for the uber cute pink yoga top… it rocks 80s retro on the front and a fresh, modern look on the back… I should go to more yoga and pilates classes, love them but somehow I do not have the patience… it figures..
  • and talking about yoga, Pilates and working out, made me crave a pizza… who am I kiddin’? I’d always go for a pizza.. ok this one is kinda healthy… Lemon Basil Pizza with Spinach and Mozzarella, yum, yum

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  1. That room is gorgeous… I would love it for a personal work-space/private library combo!

    And, I never thought about putting lemon slices on a Pizza… 😮