Sources of inspiration for home design

As you know, I have a real passion for interior design. It is a subject that never ceases to interest me. I am always looking for new sources of inspiration and, over the years, have found quite a few ways to get new home design ideas. Here is a roundup of my favourite inspiration sources.
Online sources
The web is by far my best research resource. There are many places to get design ideas online. Here are my favourites:
Pinterest is an excellent place to get ideas. I like it because there are both personal and commercial boards available. On Pinterest, you get to see all of the latest designs as well how all kinds of people decorate their homes. You can easily find people with similar tastes to your own.
Other home design blogs
As you know, I follow several other blogs some of which feature home design. There are great photos and you can often find out where to buy the furniture, fixtures and fittings featured on these blogs. They are also a great place to find out about new decorating techniques.
Interior design magazines
I still buy several interior design magazines every month and a couple of other fashion and lifestyle magazines. There is nothing better than curling up on the sofa and flicking through them. It is relaxing, and a great way to pick up new ideas.
When a friend needs my help decorating a room I often turn to my stack of magazines as a starting point. It is easy to cut out the pictures and make a design book with them.
Showroom brochures
Showroom catalogues and brochures are great for this as well. If I am out shopping and notice that a home decor shop or furniture showroom has changed its window, I will always pop in take a look and pick up any new catalogues and brochures. I also pick up fabric swatches and paint charts whenever I see them.

Physical sources of inspiration
The majority of my research is carried out online, but there are some limitations to this kind of research. If you want to put together a design book, it can be easier to do it using offline rather than online resources. Here are my favourite physical sources for inspiration:
Show homes and open houses
Whenever I can, I look to home staging for inspiration. There really is no better way to get new ideas. Staged homes have been decorated by professionals who have access to the latest trends and materials.
When you visit a show home or attend an open house in a home that has been professionally staged you get to see how different design elements fit together. It is a great way to get your eye in. In show homes, you can take plenty of photos to add to your collection of interior design magazines.
I also draw similar inspiration from the homes of my friends and family. You get a much better idea of how a design idea will work when you see it in an actual home rather than a magazine.

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  1. Such beautiful simplicity in each and every room. The color scheme is subtle, yet breathtaking. A rectangle, raw earth felt ball rug would be a wonderful touch — especially in the seating area adjacent to the dining room!