Three fabulous kitchens

This month I came up with a mad, let’s say, resolution for the rest of the year and beyond, what am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about cooking more, or actually cooking for an instance. Due to the nature of this blog,  I’m always looking at food pictures, tablescape pictures and last but  not least, a lot of kitchens. Because of that, there’s always an itch to buy tableware and appliances that  I don’t actually use.
And speaking about cooking and kitchens, as I was browsing facebook the other day, I came across a very funny photo Oana posted ( check out her blog), a sketch of her future kitchen furniture on her almost finished kitchen wall with the caption “I have furniture”. Found this so funny.
I remember when we renovated the kitchen that I was super excited for the result, which took a while to come. Finding the right contractor can take up some time, especially if you want to compare and get quotes from different contractors.  SmartReno does that in less than 24 hours, cool, right?
Anyway, I selected three fabulous kitchens to brighten your Monday!
via Corriere & desire to inspire

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