weekend medley

this Duresta Alex chair would go perfectly with the aesthetic of the pic 

A cold weather wave hit Bucharest, and I’m sensing a flu in the near future because I’m practically freezing.
Met with a friend today and she was so intrigued why I had a sweater, a leather jacket and a big scarf on, ’cause the weather is so fine. She eventually told me that I’m crazy, nothing new, but I still was kinda cold. 
Nevertheless, autumn is my favorite season, and autumn weekends are perfect to lazy around in a bed with a big cozy mattress, this one from vi-spring looks promising, with a cup of tea and good book.
 Instead, today I went to a designer & local brands sale, went crazy, told ya’, and now I’m broke again… well, but I bought so many pretty pieces.

I wonder how I would behave at decor/ furniture pieces sale… quite good, I think, given the fact that I don’t any space.  Still, I don’t want to imagine my moms expression if I would come home with a let’s say striped sofa, of course, like the Florence sofa by David Gundry.
Enough about me, how is your weekend going?

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  1. I love that piece in the second photo and the pillows in the third. I love orange. I live at home though with mom and she dislikes it and has told me no orange in her house, lol. So, I'll have to wait until I get a place of my own to decorate with it.

    Great blog! I'm a new follower. My blog is Skylar Magazine, you are welcome to stop by anytime. If you ever want to guest blog let me know. I love having guests!

    Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend! And, I hope there is no flu in your near future.