Oriental Decor

Happy weekend lovelies! I just love this oriental interior shots by Polly Wreford, aren’t they exquisite? The daybed looks so inviting, just add a cup of mint tea and a good book.
I spent my last few days shopping for curtains and I must say that the curtain market here is down, every shop has the same models and 90% are , how to put it, unpleasant to the eyes. We found something eventually but they’ll be ready at the end of the month…
Though, I’m a finance student, I would love to learn about all types of  interior design style, maybe design some curtains myself,  but  I kinda missed my chance, plus here in ro is  bit hard to make it as an interior designer.  Still,  if I was a bit younger, with more patience and talent, ’cause drawing isn’t my main talent ( not that I have one),  I would  have  pursued  a different career, in middleschool I wanted to be a landscape architect but  interior designing was on my list too. Pity I don’t live in Canada, there are lots of interesting programs check out this one,  Interior Design Program Ontario.

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  1. I am crazy about oriental decorations!! They have that special something that everybody loves!! Nice pics, honey!!

    Have a lovely weekend!! xoxoxo