Industrial design loft in Tokyo

A natural light filled  80m2 industrial styled loft with a 30m2 terrace in the centre of Tokyo. The loft features spacious open room with concrete and wooden flooring, exposed brick wall, a very dreamy bedroom separated from the living area by a metal sliding door separating, open kitchen, bathroom with a spacious shower room, which is quite ehhm “special”, look

Another stylish loft inspired by New York City interiors

We continue with New York City beautiful interiors, I know you  loved yesterday’s historic townhouse. Today, something a little bit different, a fab loft decorated in the style of NYC’s bohemian apartments, pretty awesome of you ask me. The said space was designed by Joaquin Barral & Arianna Vazque and it’s located in the heart of Coruna, Spain. more on MiCasaRevista

Jaw-dropping modern dreamy decor

A masterfully designed loft with an amazing skylight and perfect proportioned opened space, yes, I just wrote that. I’ve been mesmerized with the bedroom area, but the entire interior looks amazing. And now, prepare to be mind f****d, #sorryimnotsorry, it’s a 3D model, but ohh so real!  Who’s the artist  behind it? Peter Ang!  He  renders the designs of interior