Unique Scandinavian mezzanine apartment

Among the myriad flats available, there exists a true gem that stands apart – a one-bedroom apartment spanning 70m2, complete with a stylish mezzanine. This seemingly modest space boasts an exceptional surface area and a layout that sets it apart from the rest. The living room, a pinnacle of the apartment’s design, showcases ceiling heights that soar beyond five meters at their zenith. Remarkably, the mezzanine is spacious enough to envision transforming it into an additional bedroom should the need arise. Bathed in natural light, this apartment graces the top floor of a building nestled in the heart of Göteborg, Sweden.

This one-bedroom abode defies expectations with its expansive dimensions, boasting generously proportioned rooms that revolve around the central living room. Here, an open-plan kitchen harmoniously coexists with the mezzanine, forming the heart of the apartment. While industrial elements like steel make their presence felt within these spacious confines, the modern Scandinavian decor adeptly counterbalances any inkling of harshness. Far from exuding an industrial vibe, this 70m2 apartment, complete with a mezzanine, emanates an ambiance of equilibrium and tranquility.

via hemnet.se

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