Step back in time with a century rustic townhouse in Palma de Mallorca

This charming townhouse, situated in the historic center of Majorca, boasts a rich history and undeniable character. Originally built in 1725, this 18th-century residence was once home to royalties of Spain and now offers modern-day amenities while preserving its rustic feel.

The stone facade and wooden doors open up to reveal a spacious interior complete with large living areas, multiple terraces, and a stunning 40m2 swimming pool – perfect for relaxation after a day of exploring the local town.

This charming townhouse has an old world charm that transports you to another time. The high ceilings and thick walls, measuring 4 meters and 60 cm respectively, keep the interiors cool without the need for air conditioning. The rustic decor is simple yet elegant with a touch of modern flair.

You can enjoy natural light in all rooms through the large windows that allow sunlight to flood in. The house’s traditional materials such as lime plaster, stone tiles, and wooden beams have been carefully maintained and preserved along with its two open fireplaces.

The heating system is innovative and discreetly installed under the floor throughout the building to maintain comfort without compromising on the townhouse’s authentic atmosphere.

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