Top 5 Scandinavian decor tips

When you think about Scandivian design, some of the first things that come in mind are: cozy, minimal, functional and welcoming. The Scandinavian design is all about simple, clean and airy vibes. If you want to create this kind of lifestyle in your home you just need to keep in mind a few tips. Firstly, it’s all about bright colors, wooden floors and modern furniture. Secondly, this design is a combination of beauty, simplicity and functionality. In conclusion, Scandinavian design is very similar to minimalism, but it offers a comfortable way of life.

When you walk into a Scandinavian designed room, you instantly can feel a calm and a cozy vibe. You will definitely love this decorating style for your home. Moreover in today’s stressful environment, you can create an oasis of calm and pace that you will return to every day. Very similar to minimalism, Scandinavian design is all about focusing only on what really matters. You should definitely get rid of clutter.

To sum up, warm, friendly and inviting, this type of decor is as well very modern and it coud fit to any home. Most importantly, you need to focus on textures, light colors and airy atmosphere. If you need some inspiration, here below you can find top 5 Scandinavian decor tips.

1. Add inviting elements

As we know, Scandinavian decor is all about calm, friendly and inviting vibes. You can create this lovely atmosphere with some simple touches around the house. For example, always keep in mind to have fresh flowers. It will change the entire atmosphere. In addition, add some lovely scented candles that will not only offer a nice smell but it will also give that cozy feeling.

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2. Keep colors simple

If you’re not a big fan of colors in your home, this decor style will be your favorite. Scandinavian style is all about clean, simple and bright colors. So, for example, you can choose to paint the walls in different tones of white of gray and play with different touches of colors for accesories. In addition, for the furniture you need to choose some earthy pastels that will balance the vibe of the rooms.

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3. Choose simplicity

You won’t find bold and colorful pieces in the most Scandinavian homes. But, this doesn’t mean you need to choose boring, simple white colors for everything. Most importantly, you need to find some airy textures that combined will create a lovely feeling. For example, you can play with different accent pillows for your couch. Moreover, you can change them every season and it won’t cost a fortune.


4. Choose some high quality pieces

We know Scandivavian style is all about minimalism and functional but you need to invest in some quality pieces that will set the tone for your home. For example, you can invest in a piece of furniture for your living room that will be the focal point. Most importantly, you need to think about this as a timeless piece that will last for years. Moreover, you can accesorize it beautifully with some simple decor pieces and give that inviting vibe.

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5. Remove clutter

One of the most important principles in a clean home is “less is more”. Same goes with Scandinavian design.For instance, you need to get rid of all unnecessary things around your house and keep only the ones that really matter for you. It will help you keeping things organized and it will be easier to clean everything. Above all, a clean and organized home offers that welcoming and inviting Scandinavian feeling.

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