Top 3 eco luxury duvet covers you should check out

We spend so much time in our beds, it is only natural to go for the best bedspreads and duvet covers. You can improve your sleep by simply switching to the correct duvet cover for you. There are many points you need to take into consideration when picking the right duvet for you, such as tog rating, filling material and more.

Another important aspect is how sustainable is the duvet cover. Maybe this is something you didn’t consider in the past when you purchased your duvet cover. Still, the world is changing and this should be on your list as well. So, why not pick environmentally conscious eco luxury duvet covers that don’t have such big effect on the world. Yes, please!

The Fine Bedding Company managed to own a 100% zero waste eco-factory to produce their beddings. They made sustainability their top  priority and they are a fourth generation UK business.

Here are Top 3 eco luxury duvet covers without any feathers and made with recycled and eco friendly materials:

1. Eco spot luxury duvet cover

Made in an award winning certified eco factory, the eco spot luxury duvet cover is made 100% from recycled materials with a Global Recycled Standard accreditation.

It is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and features multiple layers for a weightless warmth and silky soft feeling. Moreover, the patented Smartfil® recycled fibres are highly compressible retain their form quality after washing  and can easily fit into any washing machine.

2. Breathe eco luxury duvet cover

This luxury duvet cover it’s made with a clever climate control technology and the special material. The special ingredient is called Modal and is made from natural wood pulp. How cool is this?

In addition, Modal helps to retain moisture away from the body for a perfect temperature controlled duvet. Perfect if paired with a breath pillow! Above all, a good sleep can make or break your day.

3. Coverless duvet cover

First of all, how cute is the pink version? They come in blue, green, grey and white as well. Love the shade range.

This fibre fill Night Owl duvet is available in summer as well as all season.  It is made from 100%  Smartfil® polyester from recycled pet bottles for an environmentally conscious choice. You can wash it in your washing machine and it will dry in just 90 minutes. No fuss needed!