Top 10 home decor trends for 2022 we love

We want to start 2022 with the perfect home decor trend list. We love these trends because they are creative, elegant, nature inspired, bold and simply dreamy, so check out Top 10 home decor trends for 2022 we love:

1. Top trend 2022: A green living room

From a green color scheme with light and dark shades to a lot of green plants added all over the space, a green living room is one of the most important trends of 2022.

I love it because it’s a constant reminder of nature and also because it makes you think about a beautiful green forest. Add green accents to your living room with a sofa, plants, rugs and pillows or if you really love green, go for a green walls.

2. Home decor trend 2022 – A dark space

Dark rooms, but most especially dark kitchen spaces are the new cool and mysterious rooms of 2022. These spaces are super elegant and sophisticated, but can also be incredibly artsy. Moreover, they are dark and intimate and can create the perfect hideaway spot in your home.

3. Home decor trend 2022 – Vintage art

The new homes of 2022 should be full or art. But, besides the cool modern abstract or line art, vintage art is also back in our 2022 homes. We love the vintage inspired posters that can match any room of your home and the retro sketches and paintings that give that artsy, retro and elegant twist to a home.

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4. Top trend 2022 – English Cottage inspiration

This trends is beautiful because it has a lot personality in it! Cottage inspiration is back along with romantic prints and granny style deco elements, the kind of deco pieces that instantly charm you and make a home just lovely.

Go thrifting and find the home deco items that will get a new life in your home, choose retro inspired floral prints and beautiful items that tell a story that match you personality.

5. Top trend 2022 – Maximalism

This is one of the most beautiful and complex trends of 2022 if you love the maximalist style, of course! Because 2022 is all about art and personalising a space the maximalist trend can now overcome the minimalist one bringing fun colors, prints, lots or art and personal items that shine in your home.

6. Home decor trend 2022 – Optimistic Earthy shades

We love a home that always has a warm and cozy feeling. This warm vibe can be easily get with an Earthy and solar color scheme and with wood furniture and deco elements.

In 2022 focus on the solar colors like orange and yellow and mix them with neutrals and beautiful Earthy colors and you will have a warm and welcoming home that will also be super trendy.

7. Home decor trend 2022 – Round & oval shapes

We love round and oval shapes in 2022 whether we are talking about mirrors and furniture. These shapes create a modern look in any home, making a space super artsy and creative, so in 2022 round round we go!

top home decor trends for 2022


8. Home decor trend 2022 – Art collections

Now more than ever is that time to collect art and make your home just dreamy with it. Invest in modern art, dreamy sculptures and gorgeous decor items that match the style of your home, that reflect your personality or bring you joy when you look at them.

9. Home decor trend 2022 – Bold colors

In 2022 forget about the plain and boring shades and decorate your home with bold colors! Even if you love neutrals, at least you should add pops of colors around a room. Check out some cool colors trends for 2022.

10. Home decor trends 2022 – The new retro

Retro elements still find their way in 2022 making the perfect pair for the new modern ones. From mid-century furniture inspiration to the elegant ’40’s, art deco elements or the creative ’80’s, mix retro and modern elements when it comes to the perfect home design.

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