TOP 10 H&M Home items we love right now

Let’s start 2022 in a fresh and relaxing way! We gathered the perfect items that will make your home cozy and dreamy! Check out TOP 10 H&M Home items we love right now:

1. H&M Home large glass serving bowl

The ’80s are back with its dreamy and funky colors. We love this crazy shade of purple that looks amazing on glass. So choose this creative bowl as a stand alone deco piece or for a chic table setup. Shop it here.

2. H&M Home creative glass carafe

Continuing with the ’80s trend, but in a more toned down version, if you are not a big fan of crazy colors. A fun white water glass carafe for an extra stylish touch. Buy it here.

3. H&M Home elegant bath math

In 2022 make your bathroom elegant, cozy and SPA themed. This chic bath math has all this dreamy attributes and can transform your bathroom space into a fancy oasis. Find it here.

4. H&M Home  modern pink ceramic vase

Dusty pink still rocks the home deco trends of 2022, making a space chic and relaxing. This cool vase in a creative shape fits perfectly the new trends, so go and check it out here.

5. H&M Home large glass vase

Another cool vase trend for 2022 is also the glass vase made in creative, irregular or retro shapes. Mix more glass vases and you will have a trendy deco corner in your home. Purchase this creative vase here.


6. H&M Home marble bowls and tray

The new tables of 2022 are all about a dreamy and nature inspired table setup. Neutral shades are more than welcomed and this chic marble bowl and tray are just great for a new table setup. Shop them here.

7. H&M Home printed canvas cushion cover

Earthy shades and abstract or artsy images create the chicest pillow cushion you can fin in 2022. This kind of color scheme and drawing will make any space looking super calm. Check out this creative pillow cushion here.

8. H&M Home chic marble tray

Start your morning with a breakfast in bed on a marble tray or get creative in your home corners and style tiny items on a chic round marble tray. Check out this dreamy marble tray here.

9. H&M Home forest green table cloth

Get closer to nature by choosing its dreamy color scheme. A forest green linen table cloth will make any table setup looking nature inspired and also super elegant. Find it here.

10. H&M Home sheets in Earthy shades

Last, but not least get cozy in bed with some comfy sheets in the beautiful and versatile Earthy shades. Match them with neutrals to get a relaxing bedroom look. Go and check them out here.


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