7 SPA inspired bathrooms you will adore this summer

When it comes to the dreamy bathroom trends of 2021, there is something that often stands out – the SPA vibes this spaces have. So, get inspired by your favorite SPA’s and also the new bathroom deco tricks when it comes to decorating your new bathroom space. Check out 7 SPA inspired bathrooms you will adore this summer:

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1. The double sink

Double sinks represent a chic and practical trend that’s getting more and more popular in the bathroom spaces. His and hers sinks give a more practical approach to the bathroom space while still keeping an intimate vibe. To give this trend an elegant SPA vibe choose a jungle inspired wallpaper and also give this room a stylish twist with golden deco accents.

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2. Bathroom jungle

Think of a retro and colorful SPA experience and create a pastel bathroom with golden accents and art deco elements. Give this space a calm and nature inspired vibe with the relaxing looking pastel colors and with jungle or nature themed pictures, paintings or wallpapers.

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3. Luxury details

A lot of SPA’s are all about luxury so if you are a fan of this style do recreate it in your bathroom space! Mix a fabulous chandelier with golden elements, creative statues, jungle drawings and also a lot of greenery that will emphasize on the calm SPA vibe of this space.

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4. Pastel touches

Pastels are always a good idea when it comes to a SPA inspired bathroom space. These shades always give a calm and relaxing vibe to a room and when matched with golden, retro elements or art deco items they look super stylish and glam!

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5. The chic wallpaper

If you want a retro SPA vibe, then you should surround your shower cabin or bathtub with a vintage themed wallpaper. Choose comfy and high quality towels and add also romantic details like fresh flowers or framed art.

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6. It’s all in the details

A SPA bathroom vibe can also mean a relaxing one so surround your bathtub with your favorite elements and also add a tray where you can have a glass of wine, light a candle or read a good book. Another amazing idea is recreating a nature vibe in this space by hanging plants from the ceiling and surrounding the bathtub with lots of greenery.

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7. Bohemian look

A chic SPA inspired idea is recreating the stylish and relaxing bohemian style in your bathroom. So, surround your bathtub with a nature themed wallpaper, lots of oversized plants or home trees and light scented candles everywhere!

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