5 important features to improve your bathroom

The bathroom is a place of relaxation and preparation. It’s a hive of activity for busy families, couples, empty-nesters and more. No matter who you are, the bathroom has to keep up with daily demands.

It also has to remain attractive and clean. Mess can easily build-up and in a luxurious home, the last thing you want is to invite guests into a cluttered and unsightly space.

Sometimes that space just does not work, either. An awkward layout, poor storage, ugly details. They all play a part. Thankfully, you can always improve the bathroom. By addressing the shortfalls of 5 core features, your bathroom can be rejuvenated.

And you don’t have to undertake intense renovations thanks to the Experts from Book a Plumber Online. You can easily improve your bathroom with a cosmetic makeover and several simple additions.

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1. Maximise Storage Efficiency

Convenient storage is important no matter the room. However, the bathroom is perhaps one space where you need to be the most organised. You want to keep certain items out of reach for kids, while you don’t want a benchtop cluttered with makeup and shavers. All toiletries should be neat and organised.

Draws are the perfect solution. Each family member can be assigned their own draw. That’s where spare toothbrushes, makeup, shampoo, hair clips, shavers, etc., all live. And if you don’t have draws, look out for draw inserts or small tubs that can sit on shelves.

Alternatively, install shelving in a convenient location. It could house your towels, storage hampers, hair dryers and more. Wall mounted vanities also provide additional storage behind mirrors, albeit it’s often shallow storage.

A portable trolley can also come in handy. There are waist-height trolleys that take up a small amount of space and can be manoeuvred around as required. There’s no installation and everyone can keep their toiletries safely organised.

2. Plan a Convenient Layout

If you have the luxury of starting from scratch, make sure to plan a convenient bathroom layout. A beneficial design where couples can co-exist together – or one child is prevented from hogging the entire bathroom – are incredibly helpful.

Consider core features such as dual bathroom sinks, individual baths and showers, and a separate toilet. Three-way bathrooms are an increasingly popular option, also. If the footprint allows for it, your vanity, toilet and shower/bath can each be conveniently separated so each one is used independently.

No one is stepping on the toes of a family member if there is privacy and flexibility when getting ready for work or school.

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3. Select Classy – But Practical – Tapware

High quality tap fittings could make or break your bathroom. Dull plumbing fixtures bring the mood down, while a sleek set of tapware elevates any space. Additionally, it’s crucial to choose tapware that is attractive and also practical. There’s no point selecting something that looks great but is incredibly useless.

Mixer taps have become one the most popular tap fixtures. They provide convenience as there are no taps to physically turn, and the hot and cold water supply is combined. You don’t have to worry about washers breaking down quickly, either, as a ceramic cartridge delivers longevity and high quality performance.

Also think about the type of shower head or bath outlet you would like. There are handheld shower heads that are perfect for kids, adults and the elderly. And with adjustable heights, they are incredibly versatile. Or, you could go for a luxurious waterfall shower head. The great news is that you can take time to assess what’s best for your home’s needs.

4. Enhance the lighting to improve your bathroom

There are several simple ways to brighten your bathroom and enhance its beauty. For example, white walls and white tiles create a sense of openness, a great touch for smaller bathrooms. Light reflects easily to leave you with a bright and welcoming space.

Other options include updating your lighting. Instead of one central globe, you can install LED light inserts for a more even illumination. Multipurpose heat lights also deliver an increased amount of warmth and light for a bathroom everyone would love to spend more time in. Or, you could place some LED strip lights around mirrors as a feature accent. It’s a subtle feature that hints at romance and luxury.

Alternatively, perhaps you have the ability to increase the natural lighting in your bathroom. All bathrooms must meet specific lighting and ventilation standards and you can achieve that with skylights or tailor-made feature windows. And by tapping into natural sunlight, you have a warm and welcoming bathroom for all occasions.

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5. Complement Design with the Tiles

You can make or break a bathroom with wall and floor tiles. Just think back to those retro bathrooms from the 1960s and 1970s – bright colours are dated and aged. They reflect tastes from a bygone era and now is the time to keep things sleek and modern. However, you don’t have to be bland.

Bold colours are great for floors, while feature tiles can deliver the perfect contrast to white fixtures. You can also opt for additional creativity with subway tiles, fish scale patterns or diagonal tiles. There is absolutely no reason to restrict yourself to a simple bathroom when you can make a statement with bathroom tiles.

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