Top 15 Christmas Home Gifts under 50$

Get ready for the holiday season or Secret Santa with the perfect gifts. We have multiple ideas that are great for everyone, so go and check out Top 15 Gifts under 50 $ that are perfect for Christmas:

1. Monogram snow globe

A snow globe tells a story and a personalized one can be the beginning of your own Christmas story. So, choose a personalized snow globe with your friends monogram and buy it here.

2. The adorable warm slippers

A lot of people have problems with cold feet, so a practical, yet adorable gift like a pair of warm slippers will be just ideal for them. Check out these dreamy slippers right here.

3. The book of serene and effortless living

A great coffee table book is always a great choice for a gift, especially for a design enthusiast. So, pick this “Shades of White: Serene Spaces for Effortless Living” book for a relaxing way of living. Purchase it here.

4. A dreamy Christmas scented candle set

Every holiday has it’s own scent and every scent means a new memory every year. So, a dreamy Christmas scented candles set is a perfect Xmas gift for a person that really loves candles and this wonderful holiday. Shop it here.

5. Personalized glass with straw

Personalized gifts are always a fun idea, so pick one for your friend and choose a color and it’s initial for a cool glass with a reusable straw. Go an check it out here.

6. Christmas desert plate

If you love funny Xmas presents, then a desert plate with a snowman in the middle of the beach will be ideal for you. Go and take a look at it right here.

7. The fun bear backpack

We don’t have to take ourselves too serious all the time so we can always go for a fun backpack. This holiday season surprise your friend or your kid with this adorable and cool backpack. Buy it here.

8. The relaxing bath set

If one of your friends or you loved one loves a relaxing bath, than a Christmas themed bathroom set will be ideal. Lots of fun shapes with scents for one to discover. Purchase it here.

9. The fun charades game

No party is complete without a fun charades game and a themed one is just perfect for Christmas, especially one in which you have to guess movies or characters. Buy it here.

10. The cozy pillow

A fun pillow can be always a good present idea, especially for a person who loved and collects pillows. Shop this adorable and cozy pillow with frills here and gift it to a friend or relative.

11. The monogram journal

From notes written in a chic place to the perfect journal for your memories, choose a monogram notebook for one of your friends who loves to write. Go and check it out here.

12. The holiday crackers

Have fun at the holiday dinner or lunch table with some cool holiday crackers that are full of small surprises. These are an excellent gift for a host, so go find them here.

13. The festive glasses

A fancy wine glass is always a great and sophisticated gift choice, so how about a set of two copper plated glasses? They look just fabulous, so so and check them out here.

14. The galaxy projector

Make a day magical for a friend with a galaxy star projector. This gift is amazing and can create fantasy in everyday life. Go and take a look at this galaxy star projector here.

15. Fuzzy slippers

Cozy gifts are always a great present choice, so a cool pair of slippers is what anyone needs for the perfect warm holiday feeling. Shop this trendy and fuzzy ones here.

Cover photo by Tung Hoang on Unsplash

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