Best DIY Christmas arrangements and gift wrapping ideas to try at home

From Christmas arrangement ideas, to dreamy ideas to decorate holiday cakes and to wrap gifts here is the ultimate DIY guide that will make your Christmas just dreamy. Check out Best DIY Christmas arrangements and gift wrapping ideas to try at home:

Best Christmas arrangements

1. Mandarin, cranberry and cinnamon garland

A garland is always an easy, yet fabulous idea for your holiday home. It can easily make a corner shine and also be Christmas themed, so learn how to do this dreamy garland on Chanel moving forward.

2. Christmas paper ornaments

A nature inspired Christmas tree or a bohemian one can use these dreamy paper ornaments. We guarantee they are super easy to do so go and learn the trick on Dossier Blog.

3.  Jar Lid Ornaments

Could you ever imagine you can do some magic with a jar lid? Well, you can actually transform them into Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree so go and check out Erin Spain how to do it.

4. Christmas Snowy jars

Jars with lights, jars with dreamy decorations, we just love decorating jars during the holidays and this snowy DIY idea is just amazing! Go and check it out on A pumpkin and a Princess.

5. Christmas Lemon candles

We love candles in the holiday season and this DIY candle idea is genius, Christmas themed and looks amazing! So, learn how to make this lemon candles on Life-n-reflection.

Christmas Cooking

6. 3D Star for Cakes

This idea is great for the holidays, but most especially for a person who has its birthday on the holidays or even for a New Year’s Eve Party. So, make any cake fancy with these golden 3D stars you can easily create, just learn the trick on Ruffled Blog.

Gift wrapping ideas

8. Make cardboard tags

Every gift needs its lovely tag so go and check out how to make dreamy cardboard tags right on Jenna Kate at Home. Get super creative this year and your friends and family will love it!

8. Nature inspired Christmas wrapping

Nature is all around us and we love it more and more. If your friend is passionate about nature learn at A piece of Rainbow how to do nature inspired gifts. Don’t harm trees though, just use fallen branches or tree cones you can find on the ground.

9. So sweet, so pretty

Decorate dreamy paper wrapped gifts with a bow or rope in neutral shades and also with sweet and pretty elements like gingerbread, dried oranges, tiny Christmas tree branches and anything you can think of actually. Find some dreamy ideas on Natalia Siejka.

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