10 new IKEA items you need to check out in 2022

At the end of the year and in the beginning of the new one we search for calm moments and new beginnings that will bring peace into our lives. That is why a selection of new calm IKEA items is just perfect right now.  Let’s see 10 new IKEA items you need to check out  in 2022:

1. An olive tree

Olive trees are super popular in home decor right now and this artificial plant sure looks like one and it’s just great when paired with relaxing and cozy home deco elements. Buy it here.

2. A love seat

How about a calm sitting area just for two? Well, this love seat sure looks dreamy and it’s perfect just in time for February. Go and check it out here.

3. A gorgeous Ikea wooden tray

Trays are all about style and this tray is super elegant and can even surprise someone with a special breakfast in bed. Shop this dreamy walnut tray right here.

4. Long, elegant candles

Unscented candles are best for a dining table or setup where only the scent of the food should shine. Find these elegant candles here in pink or black.

5. A decorative Ikea hourglass

An hourglass is a super calm element to have at home and this pink one is just dreamy and can blend in any decor style. Go and take a look at it right here.

6. A cozy Ikea throw blanket

Cozy and calm looking, this chic throw with frills will make your bed, sofa or lounge chair more stylish. Purchase it here and add texture to your home.

7. A glam vase

Water relaxes you and this vase with a golden detail on top will bring that glam touch any home needs. Go and check it out here and decorate it with your favorite flowers.

8. A cool rattan Ikea decoration

Creativity is a must for any old or new home and cool decorations will personalize any home. Shop this woven lookalike decoration right here and add it in your favorite vase.

9. A book lover sign

Are you a book lover? Then, you will need this dreamy “Book lover” sign and definition right next to your favorite books. Find this sign here and let it shine on your walls!

10. A candle lantern

Bring the outdoors indoors or just make your balcony space more cozy with this chic lantern you can accessorize with white candles. Shop it here.


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