10 new Ikea products we love in November

November is the perfect month to get cozy and ready for the upcoming cold season and holidays, so you need to take a look at the new IKEA items you need for your home. Check out 10 new Ikea products we love in November:

1. The printed Ikea cushion

Refresh your sofa or bed with new pillow cushions. Think of the fall and winter colors and bring this magical vibe into your home, the more pillows you add, the cozier you make the space.

2. The scented Ikea candle

Bring the forest into your home with this new scented candle in a minimal ceramic pot. Mix and match it with Scandinavian deco elements for the perfect late fall scenario.

3. The cool Ikea rug

Make your dining area, bed or sofa area more cozy with a printed rug that makes you think of the upcoming cold season. Match it with neutrals and let it stand out.

4. The chic tray table

Wishing for cozy evenings at home? Then, make a dreamy reading nook in a corner of your home and get a chic side table you can fill with warm drinks, cookies and good book.

5. The stylish Ikea platter with stand

Start making yummy cookies and cakes and let them shine on this cool and stylish platter with stand. Also, add fruits on it for a joyful display in your home.

6. The open shelf unit

Make a themed bookcase for the holiday season or just decorate a shelf with cool winter elements that will bring a cozy vibe in your home. Grab you blanket and enjoy the cold days.

7. The elegant candles

Make a cozy and classy vibe in your home with these long black candles added in minimal or glam candlesticks. Make them the stars of a coffee table, a cabinet or your dining setup.

8. Winter mood

Make your home chic and winter themed with some cool artificial sprays added in the coolest vases you can find. Mix and math them with a cold color scheme for the perfect winter mood.

9. The must-have jar with lid

A must-have piece for a cozy home vibe is definitely a jar with magic lights. Shop one is a Christmassy shade and your home will be ready for holidays. Take a look at this jar with lid here.

10. The modern canopy bed frame

A canopy bed frame is always a cozy option that remind’s you of a royalty bed, therefore representing your own nook where you can hide from the world. So, go and check out this modern canopy.


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