10 Dreamy Ways to get your home ready for Christmas

We start the Christmas countdown, so it time to get your home ready for the holiday season with a cozy and warm vibe and the prettiest decorations you can find. Check out 10 Dreamy Ways to get your home ready for Christmas:

1. Choose a Christmassy color scheme

You can’t ever go wrong with a red and green scenario and this year bled these lovely Christmassy shades with an Earthy color scheme and some nature inspired inspired deco elements. This way your home will look classy, relaxing and super trendy.

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2. Add some glossy touches

The holiday season is the perfect excuse to add some golden or silver touches in your dreamy home. Glossy touches are still trending in any home style, making your furniture and deco elements really stand out.

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3. Pick Christmas inspired figurines

Christmas figurines, especially the ones made out of wood, are always a classy solution for any home. My favorite one is the nutcracker that easily bring color and a holiday spirit in any place you add it in. So, add these figurines on top of the furniture in your home, but also on your dining table or under your dreamy Christmas tree.

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4. Choose lots of candles

From long candles in elegant candlesticks to lots of creative candles in themed shapes or classic candles in stylish candle holders, prepare for the holidays with a cozy and warm vibe in your home. Add candles everywhere and enjoy their magic light.

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5. Pick Christmas scents

Every holiday has its own scent and Christmas has sweet and delicious scents that bring joy into any home. So pick home perfumes or candles with a themed Christmas scent and feel a festive vibe in your home. The perfect Christmas scents are: orange, cinnamon, apples, cookies or gingerbread.

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6. Prepare the Christmas tree corner and pick the perfect idea for this year

Pick a new idea each year for your Christmas tree and choose the perfect area where your tree can really shine. Choose new ornaments each year that will bring new memories in your home. Here are five Christmas tree ideas that are trending this year.

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7. Make a themed Christmas corner

Any corner can become a Christmassy one, so start getting creative in your homes in any empty spaces you can find. Cabinets, coffee or side tables are great places for a Christmas themes corner, but the best one is for sure the fireplace. Decorate these spaces with garlands, candles, themed figurines, socks, ornaments and all the things you can think of to personalize this space however you wish.

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8. Set the mood for the perfect Christmas songs

It really feels like Christmas in our dreamy homes if we have the perfect holiday soundtrack. Vinyl music sound magical in the holiday season, especially with the perfect company and some cookies, mulled wine or hot chocolate. So, invest in a record player this season to listen to your favorite carols and add the record player in a themed Xmas corner.

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9. Learn a new hot chocolate recipe

If you want the perfect Christmas vibe in your home you need a warm beverage you can really enjoy! A Christmas themed tea or a cup of mulled one are ideal, but it’s also time to try out new recipes. Here is a new one for a good cup of Hot chocolate.

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10. Decorate your home with magic lights

The easiest way to decorate your home for the holiday season its with magical lights and I’m telling you, there are never enough lights in any home. Decorate different corners of your home or frame mirrors or shelves with them, but make sure you choose a yellow light for the perfect warm vibe in your home.

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