Primark home decor collection 2021

I’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know about the Primark Home Decor collection! I’ve came across it today and I’m impressed.

With sustainable materials and natural dyes derived from food waste, this collection centers on two themes: earthy colors for those who want their home to feel more genuine or grey-hued pieces that will fit in well with any style. At an affordable price  it’s easy enough for even your most budget conscious customer! I think the most expensive piece is around 100 euros / dollars.

Primark furniture collection

The furniture collection is full of rattan and cane pieces, on the natural home decor trend style and the decor pieces are a mix of modern and minimal. Lot’s of wood and neutral colors, I love it.

The new collection is coming your way soon! Whether you want to add a new armchair for the living room or bedroom, an elegant piece of storage in one hallway corner- they have something that will suit you. So, check out the new Primark home decor collection:

primark home decor collection primark home decor

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