What Does Iron In Water Do To Your Body?

Iron. No. It is not the device you use on your clothes to straighten them out. It is the metal that we all sometimes unknowingly consume with our daily diet. You might have been shocked to find out that you have been ingesting such a mineral. We drink water that contains iron once in a while. But is it safe and healthy to do so? Or is it something to avoid at all costs? So with that question in mind, what does the iron in the water do to your body? We are about to find out. In addition, we will include things, such as explaining what’s the best iron filter for well water. Let’s go!

Understanding What Is Iron 

By definition, iron is a mineral and chemical element that is abundant in the earth’s crust. You can also find minerals

 in food and water. There are two forms of iron in the water that we need to know. They are the following:

  • Red iron or ferric iron – this mineral is what makes muddy red or orange water. You can find this kind of iron in wells where oxygen oxidation takes place. 
  • Clear or ferrous iron – This type of iron is in a soluble form that is not visible to the naked eye. It is because the mineral dissolves in water. You can locate ferrous iron in deep wells, and it has a metallic taste.
  • Organic iron – It is usually brown or yellow. You can find it in shallow wells or water sources on the surface.

What Role Does Iron Have?

Believe it or not, iron is necessary for our health and diet. The mineral plays a role in human nutrition, including the following:

  • Iron is necessary for the formation of the protein hemoglobin. 
  • It transports oxygen to all the cells of the body. 
  • Iron also comes in handy in cellular metabolism. 
  • Having enough iron could mean you can avoid conditions such as anemia, fatigue, and the possibility of your body being susceptible to infections. 

The Irony 

Although necessary, this mineral can also cause adverse effects on the human body, especially if in high amounts. The mineral also affects other things around the house.

On the human body:

  • You will tend to have dry skin once you use water that has too much iron in it.
  • Iron in water mixes with soap. So when you wash with it, it might leave excess soap residues which can cause itch.
  • Too much iron will make water taste and smell metallic.

On other things:

  • Iron bacteria can combine with other forms of the mineral, forming rust and bacterial slime.
  • Iron sediments can build up in pipes, causing clogs and poor water circulation.
  • Iron also causes cloudy-looking water. It is still safe to drink. However, it might look less appealing.
  • Too much iron in your water can cause staining in kitchenware, laundry, and bathroom fixtures.

How To Remove Iron In Your Water

There are a lot of ways to do that, including:

  • Well pasteurization
  • Acids
  • Chemical treatments
  • Surfactants
  • Disinfectants
  • Iron filters

Among the list, several experts and individuals vouch that iron filters are the best method to eliminate the mineral in water. An iron filter is a system you install at home. Such a system will eliminate traces of iron, as well as other unwanted things in the water. 

The Benefits Of Using An Iron Filter For Well Water

  • Cleaner water

You will not have to stress yourself out with iron and other compounds in your well. The system will run all the time, ensuring that the water running from your faucets has no excess materials.

  • Better showers

Finally! You can enjoy showers without the thought of having dry and itchy skin afterward. With an iron filter working, taking a bath or show will be a better experience.

  • Fewer clogs

Iron creates clogs and residue build-ups in water, causing pipes and containers to underperform. Once you install an iron filter, there will be fewer clogs in your pipes. Water will flow through them without issues.

  • Cash savings

With an iron water filter, you will tend to save on a lot of cash. You can save funds rather than spend them on pipe repairs, stain cleaning, and so on.

  • No more stains 

You got that right. There will be no more stains on bathroom fixtures, plates, and kitchenware. 

  • Improved laundry

An iron water filter will also guarantee better laundry. Because there is no iron and other compounds, your clothes will be softer and brighter than before.

  • Brighter skin and hair

You do not have to use products to make your skin and hair glow. An iron water filter can do that for you! As the system eliminates iron and other minerals that can cause such circumstances. You will see the difference after you take a bath or shower. 

Installing An Iron Filter

There are two ways you can do it. The first would be to set such a system up with no professional assistance or a DIY project. Or you can have a contracting company to do the job for you. 

  • DIY

You can enjoy some perks if you install the system without experts giving you a hand. You can save on some cash, and you have the option to ask for help from a friend or family member. 

  • Hiring a company

Once you hire a company, they will do the job on your behalf. This aspect means you can focus on something else entirely. A company will deliver quality results, and they will finish the job in less time. 

We need iron in our bodies, so it is safe to consume it. However, you have to consider your and your family’s health. So it is paramount that you install an iron water filter for your water. Not only will it eliminate iron, but take care of other unwanted compounds as well. The result is high-quality and safe water you can enjoy.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

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