9 Bohemian elements we love in August at Urban Outfitters

Bohemian elements bring a calm and creative vibe in any interior and they are a summer favorite. Check out 9 bohemian elements we love in August at Urban Outfitters:

1. The two seater sofa bed

When choosing your sofa neutrals are the best option, making them easy to match with anything and also they can be easily transformed with small deco elements. Shop this two seater sofa bed right here.

2. The floral duvet set

Floral duvet sets are great for spring, summer and also fall. So, choose a floral set and match it with vivid colors and prints with the elements you have around your bedroom. Buy it here.

3. The colorful planter

The bohemian style uses a lot of happy and vivid colors so make your home garden even more colorful  with an enamel planter that looks super creative. Find it here.

4. The chic throw blanket

Whether we are talking about the color of the sun or a fall inspired color, orange is a great transitional shade for your home, so a fun orange throw blanket with boho frills will look super chic in your home. Shop it here.

5. The dreamy rattan bed

Woven furniture is a must-have for a boho home, but for the perfect bohemian bedroom we adore a rattan bed matched with knitted pillows and covers with frills. Find it here.

6. The fun tapestry

Tapestry is a good idea for a bohemian home giving it a pop of color and a lot of personality. This mushroom tapestry is a fun one to have so check it out here.

7. The green candle holder

Candles are always a great home deco element, especially a thin one in a stylish candle stick. This green enamel candle holder is a great element for a bohemian home so take a look at it here.

8. Colored glass mirror

Mirrors are a must-have deco element for any home, making it seem more spacious. For a boho home choose a colorful mirror like this stylish one that also has golden accents. Shop it here.

9. The good book

A bohemian lifestyle is a happy and relaxed lifestyle so why not have a book that’s a constant reminder of being happy. Learn new ways to be happy everyday and check out the book here.

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