5 Fall Home Decor predictions to follow for the next season

As fall is soon to come lets check out some cool trends that are going to comeback or be super popular during the cold season that’s soon to come. Nature is still the main source of inspiration when it comes to the home decor design world, so check out 5 Fall Home Decor predictions to follow for the next season:

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1. Archaeological looking styled shelves

Because creative and unique pieces are the new items to have in your home along with sculptures and retro inspired elements, then you should style them and make them shine in a cool bookcase or dreamy living room shelf. Pair them with books, albums, flowers and candles and get creative with your archaeological looking display.

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2. Nature inspired furniture

From rattan chairs to wooden cabinets or stone and marble pieces, in Fall nature is back in your homes and wants to be shown everywhere. We search for originality and nature inspired materials while picking out statement furniture, making our homes looking super sophisticated and unique. Also, pair these pieces of furniture with cozy pillows, blankets and covers to give a warm and welcoming vibe to your dreamy homes.

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3. The New Provence style

Mixing the chic French look and colors with the farmhouse inspiration and vintage vibe, the New Provence style is ideal for your kitchen or dining space bringing a lot of creativity and personality to your home. This style is also super warm and welcoming being great for a home where you love to entertain while having people over.

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4. The Japandi style is back!

Mixing the Japanese culture with the Scandinavian design, the Japandi style looks calm, relaxing and also pretty sophisticated. It’s a mix between cool and minimal elements, while still keeping everything simple and timeless. This style focuses on neutral and nature inspired pieces of furniture, calm elements and abstract or line art.

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5. Sage green kitchens

When it comes to kitchen spaces and cabinets, Sage green is the new color to pick. It’s fresh, cool and sophisticated and it’s also a constant reminder of the beautiful nature. Its also pretty versatile, so pick it for the trending retro or farmhouse inspired kitchens, as well as the Scandinavian or modern ones.

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