8 Vintage living room ideas you will be smitten with this summer

We love a beautiful vintage inspired living room. It brings class and elegance to any home, it’s French, it’s sophisticated and it easily stands the test of time. So, check out 8 vintage living room ideas you will be smitten with this summer:

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1. Parisian chic vibes

The Parisian chic spaces have a beautiful vintage inspiration in the living room. The vintage elements like a retro sofa, a fireplace, a couple of chairs or a dining table are beautifully mixed with modern pieces such as a chandelier, a mirror or a chic coffee table.

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2. Vintage & boho

The bohemian style goes great with a vintage living room bringing a nature inspired and colorful vibe into the space. So, pair a retro sofa with a colorful rug and a lot of green plants for a boho twist.

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3. Romantic look

Make a vintage inspired living room super romantic by painting your walls in a pastel shade, as well as mixing retro furniture with green plants and your favorite seasonal flowers. Add also a modern vibe by pairing the vintage pieces with a trendy round mirror, in a golden shade.

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4. A neutral color scheme

The neutral color scheme looks amazing in a vintage inspired living room. This season make it shine and looking modern and fabulous with golden touches and marble or terrazzo accents.

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5. Statement pieces

Make a vintage living room really stand out by getting some fabulous statement pieces. Choose a velvet sofa, a statement and oversized chandelier and, also, pick iconic chairs and armchairs with a retro design.

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6. A chic look

A vintage living room can be super chic, especially is you make it super French! Choose a retro and elegant chandelier for it, a velvet sofa, a designer armchair and style your fireplace with art objects and framed pictures.

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7. Love marks

Besides vintage pieces, a vintage inspired living space can be filled with unique and creative elements like statues, chairs or pendants. Also, it can be filled with objects that you love and cherish and that serve as dreamy memories for you.

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8. Masculine notes

Give some chic masculine notes to a vintage inspired living room by choosing a darker color palette and minimal details and designs. Also, pair vintage elements with modern and industrial ones and also with some glam pieces.

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  1. All of these are so gorgeous, especially the moldings. Just my style. The only element that threw me off is the “M” above the fireplace in #7. It looks like the Mcdonald’s logo.

    PS. Why are these comments always in all caps? It looks like yelling!