6 Don’ts in a Maximalist apartment

The Maximalist style is that crowded style that looks amazing and that shines trough its brilliant bold colors and prints. But making a Maximalist interior isn’t that easy because it can easily look like a kitschy room or a space full of clutter. So, check out 5 Don’ts in a Maximalist apartment:

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1. Forgetting to blend the colors you use

Maximalists love colors, but there are certain rules in using colors and making a space really tasteful and well matched together. Start by choosing a main color or the star color of your home and make sure you repeat it in lot of spots of the room to make that space cohesive. Then, choose secondary colors and so on and make sure you repeat those colors at least in a print, frame, or deco element you add in different areas or corners of the room.




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2. Using just one bold color

Using just one bold and colorful element isn’t enough in a neutral room and, most especially, is not enough for a maximalist room. Colors go well with colors and a piece of furniture or a colorful wall will stand out better next to other colors. So choose a neutral color like pink and use it against a bold blue chair. By pairing soft and bold colors you will get an amazing contrast in your home and all the shades will pop out beautifully. Also, having just one colorful corner in a room will hurt the eye. Rather than that, add tinier colorful objects all around the room.

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3. White walls

While white walls are great for minimal or Scandinavian interior, they don’t look that good next to a lot of colors. The best color you can use for a Maximalist interior is black, dark grey or navy blue. But, if you want a soft wall shade, pink walls can look amazing in a Maximalist home.

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4. Too many designs all at once

Yes we know that when you’re talking about a Maximalist interior you’re talking about an eclectic style, but you should always have a design theme and not try all the designs you can find all at once. Pick a theme like retro, jungle, industrial, pop culture, Hollywood glam and make that theme shine with furniture and specific deco elements. So, try to repeat a certain style, the colors and prints you use and make an eclectic interior looking really cohesive, that’s a must when it comes to a Maximalist interior.

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5. Forgetting about patterns

Colors work better when paired with different patterns and textures that share the same shades. They give an artsy vibe to a space, bringing also lot of personality and they are a must-have for a perfect Maximalist interior. So, never forget about patterns and prints when it comes to a Maximalist space.

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6. Too many tiny deco elements

Ok, we know that in a Maximalist interior you get to have a lot of deco elements that show you’re personality, but displaying too many can make a space looking unorganized and full of clutter. Also, it won’t make anything shine – you won’t understand a thing while trying to look at too many things at one. Instead, try having statement deco elements and important design pieces that you really love or define your style.

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