10 New and original items we love at Urban Outfitters we love right now

We love discovering original elements when it comes to home decor and this month we want to show you some creative and bohemian items we found while looking at Urban Outfitters. So, check out 10 new and original items we love at Urban Outfitters right now:

1. The retro looking dresser

A great design piece to have in any bedroom space it’s the dressing. It’s practical and it can dictate the style of this room. We absolutely adore this retro looking 6 drawer dresser you can shop here.

2. Retro vibes

Personalize your walls with textile hangings that show things you love. This retro inspired moon wall hanging will bring a cosmic and mystical vibe to your home. Find it here.

3. The magical wall hanging

Floral prints and shapes are a must-have for the summer season and this daisy shaped wall hanging will bring both a floral and a magical twist in your home, shinning in the sun light. Shop it here.

4. The golden mirror

Style up your vanity or desk with a practical and luxurious looking golden mirror. It’s large and easy to hold and it’s a great piece to have when doing your daily make-up. Check it out here.

5. The bust wall hanging

Speaking of original pieces, this golden bust wall hanging is perfect for a corner of your home that needs to stand out. This stylish boost is also practical being a great storage solution for your jewelry, but even for notes or pictures. Buy it here.

6. The sunshine duvet set

This sunny duvet set will work great in a retro, bohemian or nature inspired bedroom in Earthy shades. It’s also a constant reminder of the sunny weather we’re having in the summer season so go and find it here.

7. The ’50 looking bluetooth speaker

Original and retro looking electronics are always a good idea and this 1950 looking bluetooth speaker is absolutely dreamy! It also works as a radio, so go and check it out here.

8. The dark wallpaper

Make a room classy and elegant with this navy removable wallpaper that will add mystery and a sophisticated vibe to any room. Go and take a look at it right here.

9. Mug storage tree

This adorable storage solution is just perfect for a cottage or farmhouse inspired kitchen space where you want to show off your favorite mugs. Purchase it here.

10. The yellow floral curtain

Make a room or nook truly boho by adding this dreamy curtain in the optimistic and happy color of the sun. Pair it with green plants and other lovely fabrics and shop it here.

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