Top Tips When Dealing With Fresh Cut Flowers

There is nothing like having freshly cut flowers in your home. They add a touch of color and they usually smell fantastic. But, the downside to fresh flowers is that they will die and in some cases, this happens much too quickly.

You can’t do anything about how flowers have been looked after before they come to you but you can adopt the following tips and make them last as long as possible. Of course, if you have grown the flowers yourself then you have control over all the elements.

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with daffodils or a Kentia palm, the following tips will work with any freshly cut flower.

Change the Water Regularly

Plants drink water because it is full of minerals and other nutrients that they need. In addition, the water carries oxygen which the roots need to survive. If the water in your vase runs low you will replace it. However, you shouldn’t wait! To help ensure your plant has the water and minerals it needs you to change the water at least every other day.

Of course, if they have drunk all the water then you will want to replace it sooner.

It is also worth noting that water attracts bacteria and the freshly cut plants are particularly susceptible to bacteria. It can kill them in very little time Replenishing regularly will prevent this from happening.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Cut Your Flowers

The next thing you need to do is cut approximately half an inch off the stem of each flower. You should do this before you put them in water for the first time and at least once a week thereafter. The stems dry out surprisingly quickly, especially when they are left out of water. To combat this you need to trim the dry bit.

This will ensure the flower is capable of absorbing all the water it needs daily.

Avoid Excess Heat

Most flowers love the sunshine but a hot home is not the same thing. This will dry them out very quickly and cause them to close as well as start wilting.

Freshly cut flowers are already at their peak, they don’t need sunlight or warmth to mature any further. In fact, giving them this will simply help them die faster. Where possible keep the flowers cool and out of the sunlight.

Avoid Ripe Fruit

All ripe fruit gives off a gas that is odorless to humans. It is called ethylene and is also harmless. However, the same cannot be said for your flowers. The gas is extremely harmful to your freshly cut flowers.

This is because this is the gas emitted naturally by plants when they are ready to produce fruit. It tells the leaves to fall off allowing the fruit to mature. If freshly cut flowers smell the gas they think they need to lose their leaves, hence the flowers start dying.

As ripe fruit gives off this gas, you’ll want to keep your freshly cut flowers away from them.

Cover photo by Frosty Ilze on Unsplash

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