How to decorate your home with a moon phase poster

When decorating a new home or giving a refresh to an old one, the things that give personality to a space are definitely the personalized prints. These days, we search for unique pieces and items that can tell a story or show a little bit of our personality.

If you are into astrology, if you love symbolism or you simply are a romantic person , a great idea for your home can be a moon phase poster. Why is that so cool and special? The day you were born or at any given date, the moon is in a certain phase, it can be crescent, gibbous, full moon & co, a total of eight phases. Pretty awesome, no?

Well, Positive Prints can recreate the phase of the moon from the day your were born or from another special moment. It’s a fun way to cherish a certain moment in time and you can have it in your home.

The Moon Phase Poster is great for people who cherish memories and love having them in their homes and also it’s great as a new home present or a wedding one. Just choose  the birthdate of a friend or a wedding date, the night of the proposal or the night they moved and also one of the eight design that are an option for you and make a dreamy Moon Phase Poster out of it.

Check out how you can decorate your home with a Moon Phase Poster and personalized prints:

Living Room

When decorating your living room with personalized prints the main area you have to cover is the space above your sofa. Choose one statement Moon phase poster for this area with a special night that defines you or pick two or three posters with three Moon phases for different days that defined your life. Then, tell stories to guests explaining every moment. Moreover, another great area for the living room to decorate with personalized prints it’s the dining space, where you can also choose one or two Moon phase posters.


A Moon Phase Poster is synonymous with the bedroom space. It’s that secret and mysterious place you have in your home that you mostly use during the night time. That’s why this kind of personalized poster will be just great! Cherish a special memory just above your bed or in front of it, on top of the cabinet. Each time you see it you will think of the beautiful moon and have a good night’s sleep.


Having inspiring elements in your office space can motivate you in becoming more creative or having the drive to finish a task. A beautiful Moon phase poster can bring out inspiration in this space and can represent a night of celebration after finishing a project, getting a promotion or a new job. Hang the poster above your desk and look at it whenever you need motivation or inspiration.

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