8 Dreamy paint colors you will love in 2021

Painting your walls can change the whole look of your home and also your mood. This year accent walls are out of style, so if you want to paint a room, paint all of it. Here are 8 Dreamy paint colors you will love in 2021:

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1. Olive Green

Inspired by nature and making the outdoors feel like being indoors, green is a very popular paint color for 2021. We love the calm and dusty green looking Olive Green – a fresh, modern and elegant shade which you can add in a summer themed interior or in a classy one.

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2. Sage green

The most popular shade of green for this season is definitely Sage Green. It looks super fresh, calm and also trendy and it’s great for a Scandinavian, minimal or even vintage themed space.

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3. Mellow yellow

The sunny color that always brightens up a space and gives an optimistic vibe to any interior, Mellow Yellow is the shade to choose for a vacation themed space, a happy interior or a peaceful bedroom.

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4. Aqua 

The Caribbean style is back with the aqua or aquamarine paint shade. A constant reminder of the sea, this shade will bring the summer and the vacation vibe in any room you add it in. Match it also with a maximalist style, your favorite flowers and exotic plants.

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5. Dark blue

A timeless and elegant shade, dark blue is the representation of the ocean. It’s also mysterious and super classy and looks amazing with golden details and greenery.

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6. White chocolate brown

Calm, artistic and romantic the lighter shade of brown – white chocolate – is just dreamy for a modern, retro or romantic interior. It looks amazing with pink and also flowers.

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7. Beige

The calm and versatile beige is making a huge comeback this year and it’s the perfect alternative for white. It brings a little more warmth to an interior and it’s just fabulous for a Scandinavian, minimal or modern space.

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8. Dark brown

Brown is the new black so if you want an elegant, mysterious and dark interior that will make a statement, then, choose dark brown. It’s also pretty dramatic and versatile, so pick it for any room of your home.

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