6 Stunning Farmhouse bathrooms you will love this season

The popular farmhouse style can be found this season also in bathroom. This style can make the bathroom space really relaxing and looking like a spa, giving it an unique and calm feeling. So check out 6 Stunning Farmhouse bathrooms you will love this season

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1. Relaxing day

Make your bathroom a cozy space where you would like to spend your time: choose comfy and chic towels and pick the ethno print for a relaxing and summer themed bathroom. As for the deco details choose nature inspired elements like a lovely woven lamp and a gorgeous wooden stool.

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2. White and calm

A great color scheme for your bathroom space is white and gold mixed with green plants and lovely brown woven details. This combo will make your space farmhouse glam so also choose oval or round mirrors to emphasize on this stylish bathroom look.

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3. Glam twist

You can easily transform a farmhouse bathroom into a glam one, because these styles go great together. Pick black steel for the shower cabin, paint your bathroom cabinets in an elegant shade and choose a glam golden mirror. Last but not least, decorate this lovely space with your favorite flowers or with three branches.

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4. The dark side

Choose the perfect contrast for your farmhouse bathroom and mix white elements with black cabinets. Balance the look and make the space chic with green three branches or plants and golden details like mirrors or lamps.

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5. Blue dreams

If you’re looking for the calmest version of a farmhouse kitchen, them blue is your answer. Match this combo with a wooden mirror, some black elements for a good contrast and choose lovely and calming art that can be hanged anywhere in this space.

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6. It’s ll in the details

This season the wooden cabinets are back in style and you can also choose them to make a dreamy farmhouse bathroom. Make them super glam with golden taps and different details and emphasize on the farmhouse vibe with your favorite green plants.

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