6 Mid century modern offices for an elegant work from home space

The retro style is back and a classy and elegant office that can stand the test of time is always a dreamy piece to have in your home. So, when it comes to creating your home office space the mid century style is always a good idea! Check out 6 mid century modern offices for an elegant working space from home:

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1. Velvet touch

Give a wow factor to a classic office space by choosing a glam velvet chair. It goes with any style and the velvet is as classy and elegant as the mid century modern style. If you are a big nature fan pair this lovely style with a lot of green plants – added on the floor or hanged from the ceiling.

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2. Simple and classy

A classy and mid century modern office space can look amazing when pairing a timeless chair with a spectacular mid century wooden desk. Make this space even cooler with a creative lamp and surround your desk with unique elements and your favorite items.

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3. Trending elements

Make a mid century modern office stand out with a popular chair. Right now the most popular one you can pick is the chair that mixes rattan and wood. Pair this lovely corner with a colorful rug and lamp and let the pops of color create the personality of this space.

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4. Colors and art

Colorful details, framed pieces of art and plants are three dreamy elements you can choose for a mid century modern office space. You can also choose a cozy rug and a Scandinavian chair that can make this space super cool and trendy.

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5. Ethno touches

For the warm season transform a mid century modern office into a bright and relaxing space by giving it a bohemian or ethno vibe. Choose light or neutral framed pictures, add plants in woven baskets, choose woven storage solution for your work elements and make this space stand out with an ethno printed rug.

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6. Calm and elegant

The calmer the space, the easier it gets for you to work in it. So, choose a light chair and study lamp and make a cool home decor trick with your books – store them the other way around to emphasize on the neutral color palette of this space.

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