DIY Roof Replacement: Should You Do It?

You may be tempted to replace the roof of your house by yourself. With all the DIY tutorials available online, it does not seem like a hard task. Additionally, roofing is a very big project and can be expensive. This further motivates you to do things on your own and save money. However, DIY, while great, does not work for every project, and this includes roofing. If you are still considering that you will be saving money, it turns out you will not. Why? Let’s find out.

You Need Knowledge And Experience

Roofing is a complex project with a lot of different components. There are different layers of materials under your shingles. All these pieces work together to build a strong roof for your house. Professionals are trained to understand every element of the roofing system. Therefore they are capable of installing the entire component in the right manner.

Moreover, when installing roofing, you have to consider the standards layout by the manufacturer as well as the local building codes. Professionals have knowledge of how to comply with these guidelines to avoid any conflict in the later stage. The extensive training and experience of a professional roofer will ensure that you have a strong roof over your home. 

An Organized And Appealing Look

Since the roof is an important part of the curb appeal of your house, you must make it aesthetically pleasing. When you are juggling different tasks of roofing all by yourself, you may struggle with maintaining a balance between proper functionality and appearance. However, professionals have the right training and experience to manage both simultaneously. It takes skill and practice to install shingles on the roof that enhance the overall appeal of the house. This is especially important if you are planning to put your house on sale. Professional roofers will understand the instructions provided by the material manufacturers and install the shingles adhering to the guidelines. This will allow you to have aesthetically pleasing and organized roofing.

Insurance Coverage

Another drawback of doing your roof by yourself is that you will not get the coverage. The home insurance does not cover the damage that you do to your roof while repairing it without adequate knowledge and skills. Therefore, when your claim gets rejected, you will have to pay for the damage yourself. On the other hand, when you hire professionals, you are less likely to deal with any mistakes. Even if there is any mistake, these professionals have insurance that will cover the damage caused to your roof or property. Additionally, when you associate with reputable roofers, they will fix the mistakes that cause any additional charges.

Not So Cost-Efficient

Generally, people consider DIY roofing projects because they think they will save money. However, it is not likely to save you money; rather, it may end up costing you more than getting roofing services from professionals. Moreover, even a single mistake will install roofing can cost you a lot in the future in terms of damages and repairs. Even if you do everything right, the overall cost will be higher than hiring a professional.

Not many DIY-enthusiasts get the accurate estimate for roofing jobs and may buy the wrong material or in the wrong quantity. Shingles come in bundles. Therefore, if you only need five of them, you will have to buy more as you will be getting a bundle. You are left with extra shingles with nowhere to put them. On the other hand, a professional roofer can take the rest of the shingles and use them on another roofing project.


Roofing is a time-consuming task, even if it is small repairs. And delay in roofing can cause serious issues. When you are working on your roof, you expose it more to the snow, wind, and rain. Even if the roof is covered with a tarp, these factors can still damage your roof. You cannot leave for another day; you must complete the work in a timely manner. Even intense sunlight exposure can cause damage to some materials of the roofing. On the other hand, a professional roofer is already aware of the flow of the process. Therefore, they are likely to get the job done safely and quickly.

Considering The Safety Hazards

Not many people know how to properly use the specialized tools that professional roofers use. So there are many other safety risks other than falling. Nail guns shoot nails with a lot of force, and if you are not careful, you might end with a nailed hand.

You need to closely monitor the pressure of the nail in order to avoid any damage. Moreover, merely buying safety equipment does not mean you are protected; you need to use it properly. Wearing safety equipment improperly can be very dangerous.

Tips For DIY Roof Repair

We recommend that you let professionals handle the roofing job. But you are still adamant about doing it yourself; here are some useful tips to follow:

  • Use a heat gun to soften the curled shingles to avoid any breakage.
  • Wear rubber-soled shoes to get good balance while working on the roof.
  • Use roof cement to fill the joints around the flashing to make them properly sealed.
  • Use a putty knife to apply roof cement on any cracked or worn seam.
  • Remove or replace any shingles that are completely loose.
  • Straighten the curling shingles and use roofing adhesive or caulk to re-adhere the edges to the roof.

Final Thoughts

Roofing is a part of your home that adds to its beauty and protection. This is why it is important to get the installation right. While you may be tempted to do your roofing by yourself, it may not be a smart decision. Above, we have mentioned why you should rather hire a professional roofer to do your roofing project. By letting a professional handle the complex roofing system, you can be rest assured of getting a strong and visually appealing roof to enhance the value of your home.

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