The new kitchens of 2021 – 5 Ways in which things have changed in this dreamy interior

The spaces are changing and new trends are really shaping up! We come back to a nature inspired interior full of light, where everything feels relaxing and every part of it can be called home. So, check out the new kitchens of 2021 – 5 Ways in which things have changed in this dreamy interior:

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1. Open shelves are the new cabinets

In 2021 open shelves are the stars of a kitchen space. You can still have cabinets, but pick them for the lower part of your kitchen or mix and match them with open shelves as much as you can. These new shelves will make a space feel bigger and more stylish, showing the most beautiful dishes, plates and glasses you own mixed and matched with chic deco elements.

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2. Nature is all around

Nature is a big inspiration for all the rooms in our home and for the kitchen space it translates into wooden inspired kitchen utensils, woven furniture or lights and a lot of green plans and three branches added in pottery inspired vazes.

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3. Art found its way in this space

Kitchens are getting more artsy and now you can find different framed pictures, precious deco elements and even retro painting in them! Mix and match beautiful art deco elements with kitchen utensils, plates and mugs and make your kitchen an unique space full of personality.

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4. Golden details are trending

Golden details are making this space fancy, elegant and retro inspired. Choose golden handles, golden taps for your sink and golden details for your dishes, plates, mugs, glasses. Everything in your kitchen can now have a golden mark.

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5. The retro style is back

Retro kitchens are back and so are the retro shades for this space such as pastels, and especially pink. You can also choose retro inspired cabinets, handles, chairs, lamps and retro kitchenware or utensils. Anything that can take you back in a charming kitchen space.

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