9 Relaxing Zara Home items we love in February

The new season is already at Zara Home with the perfect name “The Poetry of light”. As, the name says the new trends bring neutral elements that shine in the day light and a minimal and neutral approach that makes a room look full of space and light. So, check out 9 relaxing Zara home items we love in February:

1. Irregular stoneware plates

This plates will make you instantly think about nature and their irregular shape will bring creativity to the table setup. Shop them here.

2. The wooden utensils

From a wooden jar to wooden kitchen utensils these items look simply dreamy, are super useful and they bring a calm vibe to any kitchen space. Find them here.

3. The linen duvet cover

Speaking about a calm vibe, the perfect white sheets and bed covers are a must-have for any bedroom. So, check out these linen duvet covers right here.

4. The perfect cotton towels

A calm and SPA looking bathroom space must have the perfect towels. These colorful cotton ones look simply amazing in a nature inspired bathroom. Buy them here.

5. The Earthy inspired bathroom essentials

Your bathroom essentials like a toothbrush jar and soap dispenser must have the same chromatic as the bathroom and have to look super creative. These smoky ones really math the nature theme. Find them here.

6. The caramel duvet cover

This warm and Earthy inspired shade named caramel will add a touch of color in a neutral space. If you like it for your calm bed, purchase it here.

7. The pine wood side table

The side tables and nightstands that look like part of nature are a must-have this season. And I’m in love with this pine wood one you can shop here.

8. The woven mango chair

If you search for cool chairs this season, choose the ones made of woven and wood. You will adore their calm and elegant vibe. Shop this one here.

9. The terracotta vase

Invest in as much nature inspired vases as you can. Terracotta vases are a dreamy example for a neutral and nature inspired home, so purchase this one here.


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