10 Things you should choose for your 2021 home

The year is changing and so are the trends, or at least some of them gain more and more popularity and visibility. So, if you’re planning to move in a new home or redecorate, here are 10 things you should choose or consider for your 2021 home:

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1. Traditional furniture

Traditional furniture is back and the main reason is the fact that is the most comfortable of them all and we are talking about traditional sofas and armchairs, the famous IKEA models that you look at and just want to jump it. Having inviting furniture in your home will be an essential thing for any home.

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2. A French or Farmhouse inspired kitchen

This open and inviting kitchen where you can see everything is both practical and stylish. The French and the Farmhouse style will make you want to cook more, diversify your ingredients and make this space look super pretty.

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3. Earthy shades

Calm and relaxing, earthy shades are a great idea for 2021. Whether we are talking about wall colors, furniture or deco elements, choose these dreamy and versatile shades.

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4. A tropical vibe for the warm season

The warm season in 2021 will be tropical and botanical, a vibe we always want in our dreamy home because is a constant reminder of tropical vacations. Also, this style is full of personality and colors and these kind styles gain a lot of popularity for being bold.

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5. A cottage charm

Being stuck at home or at our friends homes, we started loving more and more the cottage charm. This is the vacation home vibe, a space we make perfect for relaxing and enjoying our time there. A space, that’s both cozy and charming and is willing to steal our hearts in 2021.

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6. Art

Art is always a good investment and can really show your personality in your own home. It gives you feelings and makes you think, so choose at least one favorite piece for the New Year and make it shine in your home.

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7. Retro furniture or deco pieces

Retro is the new modern so go vintage or antique shopping and find the perfect pieces that will match will the rest of the items you own. You won’t regret it, these kind of pieces are really special and unique.

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8. Decor items with personality

Find those special items that can make your home look distinctive from he others. Whether we are talking colors, deco items, art or unique furniture find the elements you can really identify with and just be different!

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9. Deco elements that show the world

Globalism is a big aspect of 2021 that’s why deco elements that show different cultures are trending in home decor. Search different ethno or tribal prints and original elements from all around the world and add them in your home.

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10. A lot of plants!

We started to love plants more and more in 2020 and we can’t get enough of them. So, make your tropical garden in your home for the perfect breath of fresh air.

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