10 New dreamy IKEA items to have in 2021

Get ready for the New Year with trendy and useful things for a life spent more in your dreamy home. Enjoy the little things and check out 10 New dreamy IKEA items to have in 2021:

1. Useful at working from home

Working more at home in 2021 you need to get practical and really organized. This Elloven monitor stand with a drawer having the perfect compartments is the perfect solution for you. Shop it here.

2. Eating in a chic way

If you love to cook and serve dinner you need the perfect solution to keep the food on the table or kitchen cabinets without ruining your furniture. This chic Varfint corks set of 3 will do the trick! Buy it here.


3. Breakfast in bed

Staying more at home you will get a little bit more lazy and you will enjoy some breakfast in bed, especially if it has a dreamy retro inspired tray like this Varfint bomboo one. Check it out here.

4. The golden flatware set

If you stray home, then have small home parties or gatherings and surprise your friends with fancy flatware! This Tillagd set is super dreamy. Purchase it here.

5. The practical laptop stand

Do you want to work in any corner or space in your home to have variety? Well, this useful Bjorkasen laptop stand is a great solution for working at home with your laptop. Find it here.

6. Office ready!

For your home office choose a chair that’s comfortable, but doesn’t look as much as you work chair, but more like a calm one. This Bjorkberget swivel chair will do the trick! Shop it here.

7. Ready for spring

We know it’s still winter, but after Christmas we’re impatiently waiting for Spring. So, get ready for the warm season with this Varfint floral plate. Buy it here.

8. The glass door

In 2021 our kitchen spaces get a French Farmhouse vibe with everything at sight or out in the open. So, these Stensund glass doors will be super popular this year. Find them here.

9. The elegant cabinet

We still love glass cabinets in 2021 to showcase our favorite home deco items. Also, this Rudsta one is super sophisticated. Purchase it here.

10. Woodwork

Among the new trends of 2021, woodwork is a popular one and this Hasslarp door with a mid century vibe will be perfect for your new dreamy kitchen. Check it out here.

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